Family Support? Epic Fail

So I've started my HRT and nicely decided that my mother sorta kinda had the right to know about my transition. So I went above my better judgement and told her. Her response:

"I'm disappointed after carrying you and 8 hours of labor and you're going to undo what I was proud of, what I gave birth to..and I do not support that decision but hey do whatever makes you happy"

errrggg ....this is just the beginning -_-
EthanArmstrong EthanArmstrong
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Honestly because she isn't around or been apart of my life and we've got through the "lesbian" part in me I thought she would have handled things differently but yea I was wrong. Her lost frankly. Anyone who doesn't support me to a certain degree I feel is "conditional" and That association is not allowed in my aura...I don't care who you are. I won't loose any sleep :)

You went against your better judgement when you told her so I guess you sorta knew she would not understand. I do not identify with the GLBT community myself but some of my friends do. Parents are seldom overjoyed by this revelation. Let's be frank about it. Some parents are virtually impossible to please regardless of your sexual orientation or gender assignment. This is something you have in common with a large segment of the human race, GLBT and all the others, whatever the preferred tag is for them, 'breeders', 'straights' it doesn't matter. I do not wish to make light of your being transgender EthanArmstrong. That is a serious matter for you to deal with. But the problem of parents who are unable or unwilling to understand is as old as the human race. That is probably why I get on so well with my GLBT friends. It goes without saying that they understand something which causes me endless grief. It is something we have in common.