You Will Always Have Your Sexual Orientation Or Gender Identity

for year years now i always hear the words  like if i date a trans parson or take one home or have sex with one i will lose my sexual orientation. this is a lie you will never lose your sexual orientation it is who you are.
if i take a gay man home and sleep with him will be  still gay

if i take a lesbian and sleep with her for one night she be still a lesbian

if a trans woman or trans man date or sleep with a bi she or he is still bi

transgender will never lose fill to be the opposite gender
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

You can curiously investigate your sexuality. but when you finally settle on something. That's probably what you were all along, you just wanted to make sure.
Those that are heterosexual, typically won't experiment, because it's been engrained in them that heterosexuality is the right sexuality. Gay people will swear they have always been gay but some may have attempted to conform because of outside pressure and low self awareness, many lesbians admit finally after failed relations with men to their sexual identity. Bi people just see sexuality as something to enjoy as long as the person you are with is enjoyable. It's our society that keeps people from being upfront with their desire. Thankfully that is changing. People won't have to question their sexual identity unless they are those curious kinds of people who just wana see what it's like.

So true, I am a woman now and forever more and it is only natural that I love a man now, more than I have ever loved anyone before

not at all

Quite poignant very to the point and very true.