I'm Michael.

I will not mention birth name because it is not needed. I am FTM(Female to Male) Transgendered. I found out I always wanted to be a boy when I was 9. I still acted girly because i didn't know. As i got older I did more research and my feelings to be a boy became more apparent. I quickly learned how dysphoria felt. I constantly felt bad and still do from time to time. I suppose it helps to know i can have T and go through surgery. I still have days when i feel like crap and just don't want to even get out of bed. The family i live with does not accept me as the man I am. It sucks but I suppose i have to live with it for the time being. I am happy though as the days go by. I have a wonderful boyfriend who accepts me as the Man I am and not the physical form of my body. Well this was short but sweet, anyway if there is anyone who needs someone to talk to I am up to conversation weather it be relation to problems about being transgender or problems in general please feel free to message me.
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Your story is beautiful. It shows what a strong person you are. I am not transgender, nor personally know anyway who is, but I know people who are shamed, hated, and not allowed to be who they are. Your story hopefully gives courage to anyone who needs reminder of how strong people can be.

And you are a very beautiful boy. Your pic reminds me of the older Ron Weasley in the movies. You seem beautiful inside and out.

Thank you. I'm glad you find it a good story, and I do hope in many ways I canhelp people stay strong. I love Ron Weasley deffinatly taking that to heart <3. You're an amazing person to give positive feedback thanks again.

Im glad you didnt take offensive. Ron is awesome. Im sure you will help others.

takes a very strong person to go thru what you are going thru.. and dealing with people around you that just can not accept who you really are inside. My brother is gay, and it took many yrs for him to be able to come to terms with it and finally let himself open up and not care what other people thought.. he needed and wanted to be the real person inside..and be free. And he couldn't be happier now. And I look up to my little brother, and wish I was a strong as he is.. emotionally and mentally. You hear people saying how they look up to their big brother or sister... I look up to my little brother... and wish I was more like him..