I Hate Thinking That I Having a Period

last night i was making up my U bag to have my period but i did it right i put in the water and the red rood coloring and time to me do have it most of it want into pad and on floor and on my skirt all over my underwear now i hate having team
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Everyone is in life for their own experiences. No matter what other women might say their experience of having a period is going to be different from yours. You want to experience having one and because you are not genetic like some of the women you have to have yours a little differently. Doesn't make it any less of one for YOU!

With that said maybe consider the way women chat about their periods or don't and try to emulate that a little bit more. Consider maybe the manner in which you putting your thoughts out there isn't consistent with typical "period talk". Or and this is a big possibility too. The women who are getting silly with you are both overly sensitive and hate their own periods. So they absolutely can't understand why you might want one.

I know for me if SRS could provide some type of full transplant so that I could get pregnant and have that monthly period as well as girl parts then I would already be waiting in line for the surgery. Since it is not possible at least as of yet I can handle what have for the next 40 or 50 years knowing that I will be a woman again for eternity after I go back to the Other Side.

Then that is your experience with having a period. At least since you do hate it you have the choice not to go through it.

Sounds like a 'heavy' period to me! ;-)

True, but if you do it monthy that makes it still a period, doesn't it?

That is sad ... but maybe it is you and how you present yourself to other women that bring out that response. I relate to other women as a woman and the few women who do know about my 'birth defect' between my legs several have said that I definitely value my femininity which they think is great.

Okay, then I would just ignore it because she doesn't really know you. Now if she had said it to your face, well that would be a different situation.

I use tampons when I'm having my period, today is the third day for this month

Well it's your period not theirs so why should they care your the one with the mess not them they can have their own mess. Bedside they don't know what it is you go though in your time for you period. They all have their own periods to deal with in their own way so why criticize anyone for how they live their life.