Who Cares What You labile Your self As

hi i am transgender and i like to say something
i still don,t understand why sexual orientation is still class as by a person birth sex really have we have lower ow self to being just like dose one who class us as sins for been who we are .
yes sexual orientation and gender identity are two thing but we are one what the same rights like same sex marriage and remove all discrimination in the world.
if a trans man what to be gay and have sleep with man so who cares where he is up to with he transition he still be doing he life experience even it forever
it go the same with a trans woman can be a lesbian

please note i am not tell do date a trans person you are attracted you are attracted to
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

I think people in the world need a lot of time to understand about the transgender life. But I think the transgender people must have the same rights to like another person.