I'm A Transgender Man In The South

My name is Jay, and I'm a transperson. I am FTM. I live in the south, in the state of Georgia, and I have been transitioned for 6 years. My journey was a nightmare, and continues to be so in many cases. I am often the object of harassment and discrimination where i live. Due to the level of violence I've suffered I have PTSD and anxiety very bad. The highlight in my life is the fact that I am legally married to a wonderful woman, and accepted in a local church. I enjoy sharing my story, and will do so if anyone is interested.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

My nephew is FTM and just officially asked to be called a male from now on. This was a huge step for him as he was living as a Lesbian but hadn't made that last step. He's worn boy clothes for years and we knew it was inevitable so we were relieved when he finally made the choice.

He was well accepted as a Lesbian at a alternative high school he had tried to do this earlier but his mom really wanted a lipstick Lesbian (which he was never girly at all). I thing his mom's reaction is what took so long. He currently doesn't speak with his bio parents and my wife and I have become mom and dad.

He's been living with us for over a year now. He just turned 20 and has a long road ahead. He's looking into breast reduction and reconstruction now. Whatever he decides we will be there for him along the way.

We live in the Northwest so I believe this should be a more tolerant environment than what you have experienced. I'm sorry you've had to endure all that but thank you for willing to share your story. I need to introduce him to EP and out myself as a CD. I struggle a bit with that simply because I'm the male role model for him.

I understand dear and I certainly and interested in your story. Do tell, okay?