Spring Dance {As You Know This Story Will Be About The Young Lady I Loved}

It would have been April 1961, and it was almost a few weeks after I had learned the truth about the person I had fallen in over with many months ago. It would have been only about two weeks earlier I learned the secret truth her mother and grandparents had held for so many years and never shared with anyone outside the family.
This was still a few weeks before I moved in with them full-time with Roberta and her mother became my mother at 12 years old with her grandparents as my guardian.

We had been talking all week before the dance at school on Friday night and how she wanted to go into the dance dress as a girl for the first time during her life, we had made arrangements for others to work for us that night, so we had it off.
We even went shopping with our grandmother to find just that right dress to wear. Roberta had been practicing walking and sitting as a young lady.
We had even talked with a teacher about bring a person from a different school as our so-called  date, and yes the teacher had a good idea of what the truth was as his daughter,  and her little sister were part of our group.

The other school was the issue, without  a student ID, a out side student would not be allowed into the dance.  The teacher was going to be there, and he said he would make sure my date got enterance to the dance.

That day finally got there, and we had a long day at school as we walked to work to get our pay checks the go into the flower shop and pick up the flowers we had order for the dance.  We walked home to take a hot bath and start to change clothing to go out for dinner then to the dance.

At this point, we still had not crossed that other lines, Right now  we just loved to take baths with each other and to kiss and touch and play with words.  We had been home about an hour when our grandparents got there.   and informed  us  our mother had to work late, but she needed us to sit up the small bed for "little big eyes" the daughter to  the person our mother worked with.
Our grandmother help Roberta get dresses in her new blue and white dress and made sure the slips and stocking were on right as I help her into  her brand new shoes to match  the dress.
 We were told  to kiss one last time if we wanted too before she got Roberta got her  hair done and make-up on, after that we held hands as we waked out to the car, and I opened the door, so she could get inside and our grandmother could get into the car,    around to the other side to take my seat as we drove to get dinner and to the school dance.

The School Dance

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Feb 26, 2013