I am just now coming to terms with the fact, I am a transgendered woman. Which in an of itself is not a big deal. But what is, is the fact I married to an awesome woman , with two incredible daughters . So the questions is how do I still be the husband to my wife, and father to my girls that I want to be, and become the woman I am. This has me so torn and confused.
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You could be talking about me. Married to an awesome woman with two daughters who say I'm their hero. Regrettably all three of them insist on me being a strong male presence in their lives. Any sign of cross-dressing drives them nuts. My solution is to cross-dress in our finished basement while I do hobbies and other things. They all know and they all stay away from the basement when I am down their alone. It's a ***** but it works for all of us.

Believe me Dawn they no doubt already see and sense the fem within you.

Aw.. this post is so sweet like you. Just be yourself, don't try to be something that you think will benefit those around you.. cause the way you are now is good enough for them even though you don't see it for yourself.. :)

Thanks for the kind words