hello im Kayla I've only recently truly felt that i was trans(mtf) but all of my life i have felt inadequate as a guy and never really knew why. then when i was 11 i started trying on my sisters clothes and realized i liked the way it made me feel i felt beautiful. so i did this till about march or so of this year just thinking along the way i was just a cross dresser but more recently i thought a lot about it and not only do i like wearing girls clothes but i like all things girly really and the more i realized this i began to feel more and more like i was born the wrong gender like i should be female instead of male. honestly i am happy in finally realizing this but im also depressed because i have no one i can tell because i know all of my family and friends will want nothing to do with me and im also questioning myself all the time most of the time i know im trans and are happy but then others im thinking to myself is this something i just planted in my own head? is this what i really want? and i get all confused. i know this is what i want but i know i can't do it alone i really could use friends to help me along the way. as far as family and friends im cutting them all out as soon as i can get out of my grandparents house and get my own place and as soon as that happens i promised my self that i would start to seek out help and finally start transitioning.
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Good for you Kayla, you've opened the door by accepting your femme self, and you've already got quite a few friends here.

Anyway if you're trans you're going to have to tell someone eventually. A few hospitals have them...you know as you're progressing through your journey.

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