HELP!! I never wanted to accept it but now I've come to a point where I know this is what I need to do to be happy. I am 17 mtf, I've always known, I remember for when I was 5 to about 8 or 9 my older sister would dress me up with make up and everything, I haven't came out to my family as gay or transexual.. I think my mom knows because I left to Illinois last summer and I came home and my ***** and panties were gone!she never said anything to me about it and I didn't either, that was about 3 months ago. I've been trying to give hints to her, we are the same size but she's a little taller so when she's gone I dress as a woman I put make up on and everything, I've been putting something's in a different spot thinking she might figure out when she's not home I'm dressing up so it's not a total shock, since I've been doing that she bought me this nice zebra print blanket.. I've done a lot of research I started doing research when i was like 13, so I want to tell her that I want to see a gender counselor and tell her that way, and since I've been home from IL and my stuff was gone my dad doesn't talk to me but I'm ok with that we never really had a good relationship anyway..
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Good luck, hope your mom takes it well!