Almost Hooked Up!

well freinds,ive been searching for a partner to have some fun with,,ive gotten a couple replies and 1 is a cd,nice body pic,,he got mad at me cuz i bailed on our hookup plan,,he wants me to spank him and **** him,,okay,id love to,but he doesnt want to do me back!!!poor me huh!!,,meet a cutey pie that wants to blow me,,suck me anywhere on my body,,and wants to give me his *** all night,,and then i fall asleep from 7pm,til 5am next morning,,i missed our meet,,now hes mad at me n wont talk,,  but at least im going for what my heart wants,,not starting anothwer relationship where i have to hide my desires,my experiences,,my fantasies. many of us know how to live a less than true life,,i cant anymore,i have to be open n be me,,and my dream girl has a penis,and will use it on me,,and let me do oral and thats whom im searching for,,im still undecided as to being en femme,or just a guy with a t girl freind,,,,by the way,,i got a really nice outfit monday,,spandex capris,,a super hot bikini top,,a pair of silver earings to die for,,and these super cute sandals..tomorow im going shopping for some bras,,.bye for now,,love you all,,dani
dan44leo dan44leo
41-45, T
3 Responses Jul 28, 2011

sounds hot hun

i would love to meet up with u

Your sexy legs in spandex capris!!!!!!!!!!!!HOT!!!!!!!!!