I Need A Transguy Friend

i hate being a girl. I have never liked it one bit. To make it worse puberty hit early and real hard. Girls are jealous of the body i resent deeply. Mother forced me to wear regular bras SIZE D! As opposed to a more constricting sports bra. I cant wear dresses i feel naked, i mean a man wearing a dress is just not working for me.
I am obsessed with homosexual males and wish i could be them. I cant keep my legs together coz somewhere deep inside i know my gonads need to stay cool. Its really frustrating.
My girl friends always try to make me more feminine, its sad. They hate how i have a dirty mind whereas the guys accept and hang out with me for it.
I am hoping to start transition once i go to college and moved out. I am hoping to get top and bottom surgery and a name change. I must correct this error the cosmic beings bestowed on me.
I enjoy and accept the male in me however it is the female body i am enclosed in that keeps me in state of distress and depression.
I need to come out but i know Mother would never accept me and everyone else will be cruel.
If anyone out there is reading this please talk. I need a trans buddy.
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7 Responses May 15, 2011

i know how it feels, i'm only 13 and just came out too

i know how you feel, i would love to talk and share thoughts.

This is exactly how i have been feeling as well, I'm a 29 yr old transman but i don't know any other transguy's. Would love to find people that are in simular situation as no-one else understands me.

i need a trans friend too!HOW do you survive with a D cup?. .<br />
this comment is..unofficial, so i'm able to tell you i have a liking on guys mostly non masculine to homosexuals, a dirty mouth and a family that doesn't know anything about trans matters. i don't have a facebook page because it wouldn't be of any use, but if u like we can get in touch, the lack of understanding is infuriating every time i try to talk with sb "normal".whether we're able to get in touch or not i hope you find a way out of this cage and transition. .

Go to laura's-playground forum on the internet. You need a strong community and support. You also need two years of therapy to let society know this is not just a phase. There are online communities. <br />
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Transgender folk are some of the nicest, real people I know. They experienced so much, and it made them stronger. It gets though. No one asks for transgenderism. It just happens from an abnormality while we were developing in the womb.

I agree with vinnyblade57 our world today is ba<x>sed on wanna beees and fakes. Being trans is hard enough and if we're not accepted by our own family and so called friends who will we be accepted by, the answer people like us. The LGBT community has been looked down on and before so were blacks now it's time for a new way of life.

I feel the same way as you do, i was born female but i hate it and i hate the role that society say that i must live up to. it is very difficult feeling that you where born in the wrong body, most people who are not going through it don't understand and they shun and mock you. i made the mistake of telling the wrong people about my feelings and be hurt by it. it makes it very hard to trust people. the hatred that i feel for my female body parts causes great depression and it has been like this for years. i go through chronic depression and takes meds for it but it does not really do much. I have no friends because most people don't understand, so it can get very lonely most of the time. I find it hard to even get a job because i am so depressed and feel so uncomfortable in my body. i want to take hormones someday but at the moment i must wait. My life feels like utter hell most of the time and i wanted to die many times. i know that there are many people going through this but it feels like you are all alone sometimes. i told my father about being transgendered and he did not take it so well. he pretty much said that something was wrong with me and that i needed to read the bible, ha. he is ignorant and has no understanding at all in all his narrow-minded ways. lets just say that i hate him and i not to fond of him anymore. he put me down when i needed the support. mother took it hard at first but now she has a better understanding. even though i gained some understanding from my mother it is still hard, personally i don't have that much support .