Gay Transman Activist

I am a 28 year old gay transman. I am a big activist in the glbt community. I do public speaking with law enforcement and college students letting them know my experience about being a gay transman. I do this to help people and educate those who will come in contact with the glbt community such as police officers who need the sensitivity training to correctly deal with people who are transgender. I have been doing public speaking since 2003 and believe it is important.
I have a wonderful boyfriend, and I am big on family. My father was the only one who had an issue with my transition process, he has gotten much better.. My family has been supportive of me from the start. I have been in transition for 10 years. I work in mental health, after working in private security for 10 years.
I enjoy country music and yes I love Disney films....I am masculine, yet to those really close to me, I can show my sensitive side. I am open to answering any questions....all you have to do is ask me.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

hey i'm glad i'm not alone. i thought it was abit strange that even though i am ftm i still like me. i'm glad that youur so open about it. thank your for the strory i enjoyed it

XBrakeX- I am glad you enjoyed reading my story. While T may change certain things, it doesn't change the "core" of who you are. I feel much calmer since starting transition, and now am more comfortable in my own skin. I wish you all the best in your life little brother. Take Care.

thanks. that means alot.