I Cant Share My Feelings And Thoughts

hello, im a 21 year old female and i keep thinking that i am unhappy with this body. i cant share this with anybody. not my family, neither my girlfriend. yes i am bisexual. i would like to talk about my thoughts because it is really bothering me, every day of my life, especially feeling sad when my brother gets bigger and i am the sister, he loves me, but i think i am getting jealous of him, while he doesn't deserve me to be jealous of him, he didn't hurt me or anything.

i am just really in need of a friend where i can share more of my thoughts and feelings with. no sex dates please, or anything like that. i just need a friend, i hope you know the defenition of a friend, or ''TRUE FRIEND''.

Yup, please private message me or anything like that.

I could'n't be happier to share my thoughts with a man or a woman who does understand my idenitity struggles without judging me. and i don't know wether i will ever undergo the changes of my body, but still the frustration is high and i need to talk about it.

and even though i might never go through all of that (maybe someday i have the guts, but i never want to lose my girl) i will just first meet friends and see what they experience to learn the whole community better to get more trust in the process which i am thinking of going through, while a lot of hesitation might be running through my mind, you never know what life brings.

but a friend, will always be there,

I will, for you.


Call Me Somebody
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

if you ever need to talk feel free to contact

Im with ya, feel free to contact me too...

i am also facing this same situation..nobody can see my pain..i wish that i need a good friend ..for share my all pains...