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Becoming a Female

It all started when i was was a young child at the age of 8.I knew something was different in my heart and soul.But did not have any body to talk to about it.So to jump ahead many years later,when i was a teenager at the age of 18 i started to check into the internet about how i felt inside of me about feeling like a female all my life.I found out alot of what i did not know that i was not alone in the world of how and why i felt like a female all my life.I started doing alot of research on the subject of sex change, and there it was on the internet.WOW what a wonderful feeling.I now knew that i could get help in how i felt.I then started on hormones when i was 19 years old, and still am on hormone replacement pills.For those of you who do not know what i am talking about it is estrogen(the female hormone) that helps to produce more estrogen in the male body to compensate for the testosterone in our bodies.The estrogen helps to produce female features, and helps to feminize the body.It takes alot of strong committment to start and continue the process of the hormonal replacement in the body.You have to really want to go through with it.So think it through if you are thinking about going through with it.It is irreversible once you have the surgery done to become a female physically and sexually.Once you do it there is no turning back once your decision has been made to follow through with all the hormone replacement and the surgery.So as i should continue about myself it has been a long process of going through it all, but has been totally worth it all.The cost of it all and to have to continue the hormone regimen the rest of my life to keep my feminization.It has taken alot of my patience and alot of money to do what i am doing.It is what my life has meant to be to me.So here is most of my story about myself on this subject.Hope this helps some of you.And hope that alot of you can feel free to want to share with me about your experiences about this subject.And please feel free to comment and ask me questions about it all.



                    Stephanie Marie

sexyTSgirl sexyTSgirl 41-45, T 91 Responses Dec 5, 2008

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your words echo my same sentiments as I too am a transsexual woman. love, Emily

I am working on it, thanks for the story

I have always felt I was not right in my body before I was five I knew Something was wrong I'm now 45 it feels like I should have said something to my mom back in the 70 s. But went on lying to myself now I'm fighting Parkinson's I have been dealing with that now for 10 years I feel lost and alone

When is it too late in life to start the M-F process?
I have procrastinated & now I'm 77 yrs of age.
I have a very strong urgejwnj

Hi sexy......I think about that a lot but am scared to go through it every day I want to have woman parts so I look on the internet to find latex stuff to make me the woman I want to be but no one knows that I have those me please in my decision.......Shelley Ann Downey

Hi Stephanie, how are you doing? I hope your transition has come along well, I'm in the process of attempting transition mtf, but have to put it on hold for quite awhile..but in the mean time I've been playing with my hair especially, how can I grow and style my hair to where it looks feminine but not quite overly? Thanks for your help if you can^^

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing :)

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for sharing. I'm about to start, I have been clinically diagnosed GD. I'm the happiest "girl" on the planet right now. :) What I wanted to ask was when is the earliest I can have the surgery? I know it seems impatient, but I am........I have been waiting for this moment all my life! Big luv Genevieve.

I wish there were real genies.....I would wish I was a girl today.....but I am ready for however long this process it's going to take......and I am more confident now, than ever....a little scared and nervous for sure but anxious to get started.

Thanks for sharing. This is the first forum I have ever joined and spoken about transformation. I'm just starting out and know that I want to do the complete transformation. I am grateful for any information, guidance or advice from anyone as well. From a very young age I always wanted to be a girl......just wish I had acted sooner......big love to all of you.

Hi stephanie. I too have experienced what you describe, you were lucky you had the internet for information. For me the doctors were not tolerant of my bias, so I had to wrestle with my inner emotions. I got some premarin however the doctor would not continue the treatment for more than a few months, throwing my body into chaos. He replaced them with Androcur, which is now accepted as an evil drug, now I am off that I have been on a herbal treatment, evanesce, which has had a definite effect after a year. I look forward to the coming years, though I do wish I could get castrated to remove the testosterone once and for all. At my age I shall progress to full SRS sadly, I would be interested to hear how you are progressing since this post. Regards Phelecia xxx

I am Kaz short for Kazara Marie and im a 24 yr old male2female I've recently been brought out of the closet wiff tee fact i am a female truly but tee only reason i wouldn't tell ppl is becuz i was scared along wiff tee fact im AB/DL that my fam n fwriens wouldn't accept me as i am who i am dis being i hide it for years but nowsies i am gonna go get these hormone pills and do it for the rest of my life i got to save up for tee surgery unless my health insurance will pay for it if so i'll get da surgery as well now i am going to do research about all the female hormone pills will change about my body n such thank you for your life experience story i appreciate it
Kazara Marie Curry


Thank you for sharing your story...

I want to know how can I start cause I want to change my body cause I feel the same way as you.

Im a 24 year-old guy who only told my mother who has passed on and my bisexual older brother andhe won't tell, i wanted to be female since i was 14 that's. when i made up my mind the only thing I'm afraid of is not being able to ******, can a male still ****** and *** after the genital surgery ?

Great story

hi this is peter,i am from india,my mind is totally confused,lot of the times in my life I decided to bcome mtf,but I am afraid,i like sex a lot,i like guys a lot,but I am poor,pls give me sujjetions.

i wanna become a shemale but im wondering if after some time ill change my mind and want to become boy again u think it will be possible ??

havin4 actually buddie as she said in her story it will be irreverseable so make sure its who you are if you feel in your heart and soul like her and like me then do it and embrace the fact that us girls are simply blessed

I feel lost! I don't know where to begin. With any of it. Financial, doctors, relocation. Help!

i like to wear female dresses

I think it's great to b happy good luck I have a question about hormones do you get cold easy

Will I get brest from estrogen. I am 30 I am a male and I want to do this I just don't know how . If I take estrogen will my penis still work or get smaller.

I need help. Somebody please text me. 724 910 4291

Dear Stephanie.

I'm a 23 year old male. I have been soooooo confused about my place in life as a boy I always get mistaken as a girl my voice is naturally high and I'm feminine but that's who I am .....I'm not happy with my body and your story has made me realize its time to stop closing the door to my problem would love some advice 501 802 1891 only if u can..think u

idk how to get started need help just text this number at 4pm.....810-858-5315

hi my names is janice i am a transexual on hormones :) i have 4 months on hormones and i love the diffrents on my body <3 :)) my bobbies are growinng and i love that. but i want to star inject 2 for moths it is danggeres if do it???

Hi my man wants to become a woman i am shocked will my life change? Im scared as help me .i love him hes on hormone stuff help.

Hi Stephanie i am young male in my teens and i need someone to talk to. Last summer i started to put toenail polish on in the bathroom secretly and when my mom went out i tried on her clothes and shoes. I look online at dresses and shoes and imagine me in them.And when i see like beautiful women on TV i don't think of them in a sexual way i think that's a beautiful dress or fabulous shoes and want them i still live with my parents so i cant buy them so i think any advice you have would be useful please help your the first person i opened fully to any advice would be great. -unknown

I also agree with brucemm93 sometimes I like being a man but other times my flawless side comes out. Advice would be useful.

Dear stephanie. <br />
I'm only 19 years old right now and I'm really think about taking that step to becoming a female because I don't feel like myself at all as a male. Okay, there are sometimes I do but then there isn't. As a high school teenager I was a very popular guy among my student body. People liked me because I was gay. Straight guys weren't afraid to talk to me and even hang out with me in and outside of school. But the one thing is I never had a boyfriend in high school. I'm African american, 6'1, gay, was a cheerleader and semi-football pla<x>yer, and a dancer. These thing made me muscular. I like it but then again i dont. As a student I carried around bag for my books in school and even won prom king wearing a dress my senior year. So in other words high school was a great time for me. But I'm about to start college and I'm really having second thoughts about my appearance. Don't get me wrong I love being a man and have all the manly features in someway but then their are those day. I see my girlfriends wearing cute dresses, and heels and just being all around flawless. All that makes me think about do I want to be a man. So my question is to you. What should I consider before I actually want to begin the process? Who should I talk to? Get back to me soon and thanks for the support and encouragement.

Hey bruce I see you point of love being a guy. Then your "other side" comes out. I fully agree with you I am younger and would like to know where you are now in that story.- confusedmale