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Becoming a Female

It all started when i was was a young child at the age of 8.I knew something was different in my heart and soul.But did not have any body to talk to about it.So to jump ahead many years later,when i was a teenager at the age of 18 i started to check into the internet about how i felt inside of me about feeling like a female all my life.I found out alot of what i did not know that i was not alone in the world of how and why i felt like a female all my life.I started doing alot of research on the subject of sex change, and there it was on the internet.WOW what a wonderful feeling.I now knew that i could get help in how i felt.I then started on hormones when i was 19 years old, and still am on hormone replacement pills.For those of you who do not know what i am talking about it is estrogen(the female hormone) that helps to produce more estrogen in the male body to compensate for the testosterone in our bodies.The estrogen helps to produce female features, and helps to feminize the body.It takes alot of strong committment to start and continue the process of the hormonal replacement in the body.You have to really want to go through with it.So think it through if you are thinking about going through with it.It is irreversible once you have the surgery done to become a female physically and sexually.Once you do it there is no turning back once your decision has been made to follow through with all the hormone replacement and the surgery.So as i should continue about myself it has been a long process of going through it all, but has been totally worth it all.The cost of it all and to have to continue the hormone regimen the rest of my life to keep my feminization.It has taken alot of my patience and alot of money to do what i am doing.It is what my life has meant to be to me.So here is most of my story about myself on this subject.Hope this helps some of you.And hope that alot of you can feel free to want to share with me about your experiences about this subject.And please feel free to comment and ask me questions about it all.



                    Stephanie Marie

sexyTSgirl sexyTSgirl 41-45, T 91 Responses Dec 5, 2008

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Where did you get the pills

your words echo my same sentiments as I too am a transsexual woman. love, Emily

I have always felt I was not right in my body before I was five I knew Something was wrong I'm now 45 it feels like I should have said something to my mom back in the 70 s. But went on lying to myself now I'm fighting Parkinson's I have been dealing with that now for 10 years I feel lost and alone

When is it too late in life to start the M-F process?
I have procrastinated & now I'm 77 yrs of age.
I have a very strong urgejwnj

Hi sexy......I think about that a lot but am scared to go through it every day I want to have woman parts so I look on the internet to find latex stuff to make me the woman I want to be but no one knows that I have those me please in my decision.......Shelley Ann Downey

Hi Stephanie, how are you doing? I hope your transition has come along well, I'm in the process of attempting transition mtf, but have to put it on hold for quite awhile..but in the mean time I've been playing with my hair especially, how can I grow and style my hair to where it looks feminine but not quite overly? Thanks for your help if you can^^

I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing :)

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for sharing. I'm about to start, I have been clinically diagnosed GD. I'm the happiest "girl" on the planet right now. :) What I wanted to ask was when is the earliest I can have the surgery? I know it seems impatient, but I am........I have been waiting for this moment all my life! Big luv Genevieve.

I wish there were real genies.....I would wish I was a girl today.....but I am ready for however long this process it's going to take......and I am more confident now, than ever....a little scared and nervous for sure but anxious to get started.

Thanks for sharing. This is the first forum I have ever joined and spoken about transformation. I'm just starting out and know that I want to do the complete transformation. I am grateful for any information, guidance or advice from anyone as well. From a very young age I always wanted to be a girl......just wish I had acted sooner......big love to all of you.

Hi stephanie. I too have experienced what you describe, you were lucky you had the internet for information. For me the doctors were not tolerant of my bias, so I had to wrestle with my inner emotions. I got some premarin however the doctor would not continue the treatment for more than a few months, throwing my body into chaos. He replaced them with Androcur, which is now accepted as an evil drug, now I am off that I have been on a herbal treatment, evanesce, which has had a definite effect after a year. I look forward to the coming years, though I do wish I could get castrated to remove the testosterone once and for all. At my age I shall progress to full SRS sadly, I would be interested to hear how you are progressing since this post. Regards Phelecia xxx

I am Kaz short for Kazara Marie and im a 24 yr old male2female I've recently been brought out of the closet wiff tee fact i am a female truly but tee only reason i wouldn't tell ppl is becuz i was scared along wiff tee fact im AB/DL that my fam n fwriens wouldn't accept me as i am who i am dis being i hide it for years but nowsies i am gonna go get these hormone pills and do it for the rest of my life i got to save up for tee surgery unless my health insurance will pay for it if so i'll get da surgery as well now i am going to do research about all the female hormone pills will change about my body n such thank you for your life experience story i appreciate it
Kazara Marie Curry


Thank you for sharing your story...

I want to know how can I start cause I want to change my body cause I feel the same way as you.

Im a 24 year-old guy who only told my mother who has passed on and my bisexual older brother andhe won't tell, i wanted to be female since i was 14 that's. when i made up my mind the only thing I'm afraid of is not being able to ******, can a male still ****** and *** after the genital surgery ?

Great story

hi this is peter,i am from india,my mind is totally confused,lot of the times in my life I decided to bcome mtf,but I am afraid,i like sex a lot,i like guys a lot,but I am poor,pls give me sujjetions.

i wanna become a shemale but im wondering if after some time ill change my mind and want to become boy again u think it will be possible ??

havin4 actually buddie as she said in her story it will be irreverseable so make sure its who you are if you feel in your heart and soul like her and like me then do it and embrace the fact that us girls are simply blessed

I feel lost! I don't know where to begin. With any of it. Financial, doctors, relocation. Help!

i like to wear female dresses

I think it's great to b happy good luck I have a question about hormones do you get cold easy

Will I get brest from estrogen. I am 30 I am a male and I want to do this I just don't know how . If I take estrogen will my penis still work or get smaller.

I need help. Somebody please text me. 724 910 4291

Dear Stephanie.

I'm a 23 year old male. I have been soooooo confused about my place in life as a boy I always get mistaken as a girl my voice is naturally high and I'm feminine but that's who I am .....I'm not happy with my body and your story has made me realize its time to stop closing the door to my problem would love some advice 501 802 1891 only if u can..think u

idk how to get started need help just text this number at 4pm.....810-858-5315

hi my names is janice i am a transexual on hormones :) i have 4 months on hormones and i love the diffrents on my body <3 :)) my bobbies are growinng and i love that. but i want to star inject 2 for moths it is danggeres if do it???

Hi my man wants to become a woman i am shocked will my life change? Im scared as help me .i love him hes on hormone stuff help.

Hi Stephanie i am young male in my teens and i need someone to talk to. Last summer i started to put toenail polish on in the bathroom secretly and when my mom went out i tried on her clothes and shoes. I look online at dresses and shoes and imagine me in them.And when i see like beautiful women on TV i don't think of them in a sexual way i think that's a beautiful dress or fabulous shoes and want them i still live with my parents so i cant buy them so i think any advice you have would be useful please help your the first person i opened fully to any advice would be great. -unknown

I also agree with brucemm93 sometimes I like being a man but other times my flawless side comes out. Advice would be useful.

Dear stephanie. <br />
I'm only 19 years old right now and I'm really think about taking that step to becoming a female because I don't feel like myself at all as a male. Okay, there are sometimes I do but then there isn't. As a high school teenager I was a very popular guy among my student body. People liked me because I was gay. Straight guys weren't afraid to talk to me and even hang out with me in and outside of school. But the one thing is I never had a boyfriend in high school. I'm African american, 6'1, gay, was a cheerleader and semi-football pla<x>yer, and a dancer. These thing made me muscular. I like it but then again i dont. As a student I carried around bag for my books in school and even won prom king wearing a dress my senior year. So in other words high school was a great time for me. But I'm about to start college and I'm really having second thoughts about my appearance. Don't get me wrong I love being a man and have all the manly features in someway but then their are those day. I see my girlfriends wearing cute dresses, and heels and just being all around flawless. All that makes me think about do I want to be a man. So my question is to you. What should I consider before I actually want to begin the process? Who should I talk to? Get back to me soon and thanks for the support and encouragement.

Hey bruce I see you point of love being a guy. Then your "other side" comes out. I fully agree with you I am younger and would like to know where you are now in that story.- confusedmale

Your young, male and feel your trapped in the wrong body. In most cases, you will still be living at home with your parents. You can’t talk to anyone about what you’re feeling. You are scared of the reaction of father, mother, sisters and brothers, not to mention your friends. <br />
<br />
How can you tell them your secret?<br />
<br />
That your greatest desire is to be a girl!<br />
<br />
How can you make this happen and live your life the way you want and need it to be?<br />
<br />
For those of you who are reading this, feel the way I did when faced with this choice, I offer this guide to your new life.<br />
<br />
Being young<br />
<br />
Accept that as a young person, nothing is going to happen until you reach 18. Accepting this will make it easier to handle, but also give you time to plan.<br />
<br />
Get a job<br />
<br />
Just because you can’t become female in your early teens doesn’t mean that you can’t start collecting money for your new life. You need a job and save every dollar. Money is needed to support yourself during your transition. Rent, utilities and food all cost money, not to mention female attire and makeup. Starting your journey with $10,000 in the bank will be a hell of a lot easier than doing it with none.<br />
<br />
Keep fit<br />
<br />
Keep yourself fit. You want to be the most desirable woman in the world don’t you? Keeping slim and toned is the best thing you can do to enhance your chances of become just that. Stay away from exercise that builds muscle.<br />
<br />
Eat well; almost every woman on the face of the world is on a diet. You should be to.<br />
<br />
Friends and family<br />
<br />
Talk to your friends and family members who you think will be receptive to your change. In most cases, use third person to judge their reaction. Create a test to throw into conversation with them. <br />
<br />
You are talking with your sister. “Debbie, I was on utube the other day and saw this clip of a boy who transformed into a girl. She looked amazing! I was wondering how that was possible?”<br />
<br />
Judge their reaction and their depth of knowledge on the subject. They could reveal new insights into transformation. If their reaction is positive, test them more. If their reaction is negative, back away from the subject and mark them down as unsure. Never mark anyone as hostile, because in most cases, they have never really thought about transgender issues before.<br />
<br />
I’m sure you understand what I’m suggesting.<br />
<br />
Practise<br />
<br />
Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you can sit around and wait until your 18. Start your training now! <br />
<br />
Watch women and mimic their movements and actions when you’re alone. Movies are a great way of observing how a woman walks, talks and mannerisms. You can be an observer without being observed.<br />
<br />
Remember, it takes 10,000 hours of practise to become an expert in something. It is best to start early.

i really do thank for the advice because i sholl was thinkn bout my getting my sexchange but how much does da homo shot cost

I have always felt that I were female, I am a male but I just feel like becoming female's what I need. However, my parants would probably kill me though, what do I do? Tell them and say that I just need to be a female?

i am a pre op transexural and i want to know if a dr wants to take you off hormons what willhappen . i have been taking hormans for a long time.. iwould have the operation but i am on disabilty and i can not afford it... i do not care what the dr says i am not going back the way i was . i would rather die.

A doctor cannot take you off the hormones unless there is a real reason why the doctor wants to take you off them.Without a good reason the doctor cannot do that.

I'm a 20 year old guy, and the only sexual fantasy I had since I was 13 was that I'm a girl having sex with guys. What does it mean?

the only problem ive had since making my transition is when i want to try on womens clothing and use the womens changing rooms a lot of stores wont let u do that because i still look like a boy a young boy anyhow they always point me to the mens changing room but in one store i was able to use the womens changing rooms and a lot of the other ladies i saw when i went in their didnt mind and complimented me when i tried on a skirt or a dress because i was lucky enough to be born with a small fr<x>ame and im under 6 foot tall so i do have a feminine build just need to practice my makeup more and learn to walk more like a girl but i love the attention i get when it goes right u know like men opening doors for you and when u get recognition like someone calls u miss instead of mr that feels great i would encourage other t girls out there to just go for it dont let anyone stop u or hold u back because its your body and your life u can do what u want to do

yes i know just how you feel because i to ahve felt that way since i was even four or five yeras old that their was something wrong but i could nort and diid not know how to articulate my feelings at that age and it was quite a long time later that the net came along and thna so may of us diid discover that we were indeed not all alpone in our feelings to become who hwo and what we had alwasy felt inside! <br />
<br />
to be girls instead of boys males<br />
and i still do feel this way even now <br />
<br />
but as fo me i still am unable to fulfill this desire because of how and where i live so i ahve to when evr i can be contant with being tg cd lg sissy male one who longs to be female but can not but i am still a girl insde and will sonehow one day be finally feleashed and become who what and how i should be a girl at last!

Hi Stephanie,<br />
<br />
I am writing a novel as part of a master thesis. My novel centres around an aging transgender Las Vegas showgirl. My prof is asking that I explore the sexual scenes I have included. I am having a difficult time getting a truth. Some literature says that M2F transgender, who have been on hormones do not get a true erection, while other literature says that they do. Can you give me a bit of your experience. Sorry if this is personal, but I need some details on this experience to add a bit of authenticity.<br />
<br />

I say that is BS we can and do get erections even though we take hormones, i have been taking hormones for years if anything it increases the chances of an erection much easier being on hormones.Hope this helps you.If you have any other questions feel free to ask me.Sorry it took so long to write back i have been ill for sometime now.

If your interested in becoming more feminine you might try using natural breast pills. They are working for me. I have been using natural breast enlargement pills I bought from a vitamin store. I have noticed that I get emotional very easily and cry more easily. I am more thoughtful of other peoples feelings and my since of smell has increased. I am getting concerned about the size of my breast because they have grown 2 inches in two months and my butt and hips are much softer and have grown as well and I still have a one month supply of pills left. I am considering buying another 3 month supply but am worried about how big my breast will become. I am married and my wife is starting to make comments about the size of my breast. I wish I could tell her what I want to do but she will never understand. I have been married for many years and have wanted to be a female since i was a child. When I was 35 years old I went through a very tough time wishing I could have a baby. I remember crying a lot over it. I thought I was going crazy but it past in about two months. My younger brother was born half female and half male and I wonder if I was born that way to and had surgery to correct my gender but never told . I can have a full ****** just like a female can using a G spot 2 inches above my genitals and that I never could understand. I am to embarrassed to ask a doctor about it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

If your interested in becoming more feminine you might try using natural breast pills. They are working for me. I have been using natural breast enlargement pills I bought from a vitamin store. I have noticed that I get emotional very easily and cry more easily. I am more thoughtful of other peoples feelings and my since of smell has increased. I am getting concerned about the size of my breast because they have grown 2 inches in two months and my butt and hips are much softer and have grown as well and I still have a one month supply of pills left. I am considering buying another 3 month supply but am worried about how big my breast will become. I am married and my wife is starting to make comments about the size of my breast. I wish I could tell her what I want to do but she will never understand. I have been married for many years and have wanted to be a female since i was a child. When I was 35 years old I went through a very tough time wishing I could have a baby. I remember crying a lot over it. I thought I was going crazy but it past in about two months. My younger brother was born half female and half male and I wonder if I was born that way to and had surgery to correct my gender but never told . I can have a full ****** just like a female can using a G spot 2 inches above my genitals and that I never could understand. I am to embarrassed to ask a doctor about it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

For those interested in becoming more feminine looking and growing breast here is some advice. I went to a vitamin store and purchased a 1 month supply of natural breast enlargement pills. Within one month my skin was much softer and I gained a inch in the hips and butt and I gained 1 inch in the breast. In two months I gained another inch inthe hips and breast and my face is looking more feminine.

I'm so proud of you Stepanie, and I bet you make a great girl. I have had fantasies of the same to become female forever. I am 39 now, but do look 28. I have also dressed as a female, and would pass for one too. I am going through a divorce with my wife, and dont know honestly why I wasted all my time with girls. NO OFFENSE TO YOU FEMALES OUT THERE!! I just havent met the right one obviously, and its time for a change in my life. I at least want to meet a guy who will love me for me. Thank you Stephanie.

I am 43 getting ready to turn 44 in may this year and always getting called mame all the time because of my passing as a female and because of my size(shortness).I am 4'11'' without shoes on and 5'2" to 5'3" depending on what pair of shoes i wear.

i would like to know once you been to doctor and asked about becoming a woman how long do you dress like a woman before you get surgery ?

it takes by the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care to determine when you are allowed to have the surgery.It depends on that.It is usually atleast a full 1 year of full time proof of dressing and being female fulltime to be able to determine the eligibility for surgery..Not just by your word, the word of others and your counselor that you are required to attend meetings with.

Dear Stephanie, <br />
<br />
Just reading what you have here, I have a lot of respect and admiration for you. Perhaps you can assist me with my dilemma, and what I mean by assist is hear me out, and perhaps give me some additional insight? <br />
<br />
Outside, I am currently a late 30’s male. And deep down inside, hidden and repressed by years of fear, is a woman(?) named Michelle. <br />
<br />
I know that there were always some differences about me, nothing overt, but enough there to know that something was not similar to my male peers. One of the first signs I remember was being teased in elementary school one day for crossing my legs while sitting like a girl. That one time experience immediately put me into defensive/fear mode, and to be more cautious in my public behaviors. <br />
<br />
Off and on throughout my adult life, I have cross dressed, sometimes as a sexual fetish, sometimes out of other feminine curiosities. However these have always been done in phases, because as soon as I begin, I immediately feel guilt and shame, and the clothing and other feminine items get tossed in frustration. But deep down inside, Michelle is still there. <br />
<br />
To briefly add one more element, my biological father had sex reassignment surgery about 15 years ago. This often brings up the question in my mind if being transgender is not in some way hereditary? (From what little I have read, this seems to be still unknown, or am I incorrect?) This event however, only compounded my own inadequacies and self-doubt. I felt even more anger, doubt, and frustration. But I did not abandon my parent, for I also felt happy for her in ways I can’t easily describe. And for those who think that I would have an easier time “announcing myself”, if I was sure, to my family, in all honesty, I feel it would actually make it more difficult. <br />
<br />
These factors, as well as many (too many) others, have brought me to the point of life being almost unbearable. Am I really Michelle? And if so, how do I get her out? <br />
<br />
Physically, to complicate things (in my mind), I am older, and therefore more concerns. Also I have a lot of facial scarring having had a very turbulent time with acne during puberty. So I would need more than just the “standard” surgeries (if thee is such a thing). I realize I may never be a “beauty queen”, but I would very much want to look my best and as feminine as possible. Who of us would not? Another complication - I do not know if I would ever want to be post-op. For sexuality is very important to me, and I feel that if I loose my original organ, I would loose my libido. Is it possible to always be a “pre-op” TS, and not have to go the “full route”? Or is it possible to have a very active and satisfying sex life being post-op? If I did not have Michelle, I would say that I am bi-curious. (I have yet to be with a man, but often fantasize about it.) I know hormones could very well affect this, but to what degree for me? Having seen some of the “mistakes” my family member went thru…well…it just adds to it even more. <br />
<br />
Or am I just an over-obsessed, depressed, lonely male? One thing is for certain…a lot of self-doubt and pain. <br />
<br />
I realize that I am not getting into all the details of my dilemma, and there are probably a great many questions that can come from these brief explanations and summaries. But again, as someone who seems to be very open, and willing to help and share, I felt that you would be the first person to share with, and seek your insight. And perhaps if Michelle exists, to help encourage her to step out. <br />
<br />
And of course, if you wish to continue this discussion outside of this forum via email, I will provide you with my email address. <br />
<br />
Scared and confused, <br />

Does anybody respond to this any more? :/ I want some help.. I emailed sexyTSgirl but never got a reply.. :/

Sorry that i have not gotten back to you, but i have been down sick, and in the hospital, please send me an email at, and i'll help you with what you need help with.

Oh my.. I didn't think of that.. :/ I hope u feel better!

Hey Runnerup212? I am here but cannot write you on this site because your profile is blocked from anyone viewing it, so what can i help you with ? Sorry that it has taken me so long to write you on this site,so send me a message on my email address OK ? it is when you send the email to me put your username from this site and put it isn this way:Runnerup from EP and i will know who you are then ok ? sound fair enough ? I hope so , so that this solves the problem of you not being able to contact me ok ?

thanks for the concern, i am starting to feel better.Hopoe to hear from you soon my sweetie.

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hello im only 14 right now and ive had problems with this too i feel trapped and i cant talk to my mom she would freak out and my dada would throw me through the door litterally he did it before if i told him this and my brother would laugh

from which medicine we can get estrogen female hormone? I also want to take estrogen Hormone? can I get this medicine in medical? <br />
anjali shrestha, nepal

from which medicine we can get estrogen female hormone? I also want to take estrogen Hormone? can I get this medicine in medical? <br />
anjali shrestha, nepal

I am a female in love with man who wants to become a tgurl. I support him in his choices and encourage him. What more can I do for him to make his dream a reality?

i want to make my breast like female. what medicines i need to use fo making breast and whera it find.


Hi there,<br />
I am 14 years old and I too, want to become a female, do you think I can do that at this age?<br />
and will this hormone give me some big brests and a vigina as I hate being a male.<br />
but my parents don't like the idea at all what can I do?<br />
I live in the UK, so, where can I find this hormone?

ehy same dilemma only im in america and my parents would kill me if i told them but i dont think its possible at this age hopefully

hey my name is monica it was something in my heart mind n soul but i need help if there anyone plz call me 2163267098

hello dear one. i enjoy reading what you have gone through.looks like you are happy,you have to remember if your heart is happy that;s what count. i bet you are a beautful female you all ways dream of.stay happy,keep shopping for those pretty things,maybe you could post pics.


I am a Male I want to know how can I become a Female do I have to have a sexchange to become a Female if the answers is yes how do I go about it to have the sexchange done to become a Female becuase I wished I was born a Female but not as a Male. I am 43 years old and soon I will be 44 years olod on March the 28th this year 2011 so I would like to become a Female so I would like to become a Female becuase I wanted to be Female since I was five years old but now I am 43 years old and I am still a Male I would like to be Female becuase begin Female is better than begin Male I wished to be a Female since the day I was born I will stay a Female forever so please can I be turn into a Female. Yours sincerely Eric Dunne.

My dearest eric,
It is nice to hear from you.Sorry that it took so long to get back to you.I have been so busy with things in my life.I have been in the hospital most of this year.I have been sick with cancer and it has taken me so long to get back in touch with people on this site sorry that it has taken me so long to write back to you.Hope to hear from you soon, i wish to speak with you concerning this subject.Hope to hear from you soon.

hey stephanie. i'm a fourteen year old bi-sexual/fluid boy from canada. i've always felt sort of out of place with my gender, and am now just looking into this kind of thing. i don't think i'm certain enough right now to start any sort of process. i've only ever told my best friend, a bisexual girl. i think i have a very supportive group of friends, most of us identify as glbttq. i'm just so uncertain. i kinda like the idea of two-spirit. anyway, all i really wanted to say is that you are an inspiration to me, how open you are! how willing to talk, to help others. i know reading this has helped me. thank you soo sooo much. <br />

How did your family react to your sex change because i dont think my family would be very supportive of me.

Dear Stephanie Marie,<br />
<br />
I'm new to this site. To tell you my story, and whatever advice you can give me will be much appreciated. I'm 37 years old. over the past few years, i have been wearing either unisex clothing and female undergarments, not sure if that would constitute me as a full time cross-dresser. but the main reason for my post is that I am discovering that i have been seriously thinking about undergoing hormone therapy to become an m to f transgender, but i only want to take it as far as becoming a pre-op transgender. in other words i don't want to really lose my male member or it's functionality. i'm just wondering how many years this transformation process would take up to the point that I want to take it to.thanks for taking the time to read what i posted. and hoping to have a reply back from you soon.

Thank you, Stephanie Marie, for sharing so openly! Though in my case, the idea of having a female body has never been more than an occaisional, passing fantasy, I do completely understand the idea of being born as a woman in a man's body, and I have come to realize how difficult that can make one's life. I truly respect your strength and courage, and your ability to go through all of the steps -- some quite painful, I am sure -- to become what you are now! As a fully-reassigned individual, I would love to hear more about the mechanics of sexual activity. Just how "realistic" are your new genitalia? What do your lovers say about how sex feels as compared with a biological woman? Is it possible to have sex with a partner and for them to be unaware that you were born a man? I hope I am not being insensitive, or prying too much, but these are questions I have often wondered about.<br />
<br />
I have had sex with women, with men, with CD's, TG's, etc., but I've never been with a post-op, fully-reassigned transexual. But I would love to.<br />
<br />
Thanks again for your openness.

hi, stephanie im 13 and want to be a girl but im scared to get surgery done. i read your story its really good. and i know it cost alot of money. help me i know im to young but can you plz give me advice where to began!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.I have been so busy with trying to get feeling better.The best advice i can give you at this time is that you should seek a counselor.And you can always write me with questions.But if you cannot find a counselor, then feel free to write me all the time and i'll do what i can to help you through the process ok ? sound fair enough ?

I would love to have some information on rubbing my nipples which I do quite often and each time I rub them it is for ten minutes or more on each nipple but nothing happens, I feel that rubbing my nipples is the only option because I don't like using homones-I have to get a persc<x>ription and be under the watchful eye of a doctor plus they can be dangerous especially as I havent used any before

Hello sweetness,, <br />
I also rub my nipples for ten minutes twice daily because it sexually arouses me into wanting to produce estrogen into the body and grow stuff like breasts but nothing happens, even when I rub soap into my nipples nothing happens. Why.

I already am a female from birth but you have a good story I hope to hear from you soon but my friend Phillip wants to be a female himself he's only 17 and he doesn't have the money to get a sex change. Also if he where too take the pills what would happen to him sincerly -Devon

as far as nipple growth would a vacume work ?

I am 15 and i have been stealing clothes out of my sisters room for a long time. I didn't know what was the matter in the beginning but i thought i was normal. I started to research and watch videos about a year ago and i have liked the idea of getting a sex change ever since. I have only told one person, a girl, who fully accepts me for who i am now. I have been contemplating on telling my parents but i am just scared. Did you ever feel scared about telling your parents, or scared that they might disown you?

I love your story and I know for a fact that I want to go all the through SRS and every thing having to do in becoming a woman I need to go all the way because that is what I want.

hi! i have been going thru changes for awhile, i wanted to know how to become more shapely and small, hands and feet smaller as well is that possible?

My Dearest Baxterboy94,<br />
You don't need to get vocal surgery, there are voice lessons that you can take that can help you with this problem.There are vocal teachers out there that teach the transgendered society out there how to have the proper voice for what gender that they choose to be.They teach males how to achieve the female voice and they teach the females how to have a male voice.So you see there are ways to achieve the voice that you want to have without vocal surgery.Please send me an email at my email address and i will gladly share more with you if you would like.My email address is Hope to hear from you soon.

My Dearest Baxterboy94,<br />
You don't need to get vocal surgery, there are voice lessons that you can take that can help you with this problem.There are vocal teachers out there that teach the transgendered society out there how to have the proper voice for what gender that they choose to be.They teach males how to achieve the female voice and they teach the females how to have a male voice.So you see there are ways to achieve the voice that you want to have without vocal surgery.Please send me an email at my email address and i will gladly share more with you if you would like.My email address is Hope to hear from you soon.

hi I'm 15 and I've always kinda felt like i should have been a girl. When i was younger i always wanted to be Britney Spears and also whenever we played i always wanted to be the girl character. I have always been extremely feminine and I've been considering getting a sex change. I would absolutely love to be a girl and everything but i also love singing and hope to make a career out of singing. I'm worried if i get vocal surgery (b/c my singing voice is way lower than my talking voice) i could loose my singing capability. I mean that's my main concern if it just weren't for that I'd be good b/c my talking range is sooooo high. any advice ?

My Dearest BEFEMALE,<br />
You said that you have just turned 16 years of age,WOW i wished that i was that young again.You said that you have always felt like you were born in the wrong body and want to change your sex, and you are just not sure that it is the right thing to do.To start out i do not mean to sound cruel, please do not take it that way OK ? To start out it sounds like you really do not know what you really feel and really want to do with your life.I accept that and i understand that.Not all people who feel as the opposite sex end up having the surgery, whether it be for financial reasons or just because they feel that it is not appropriate for them.That is understandable.But you seem like you are confused a bit yet, because of your young age i understand that it is a difficult decision, but you seem confused of how you really feel about having surgery.You apparently need to do some real deep soul searching and truly decide who you are in your heart and is a life changing decision to have to make, but others like myself know right from the beginning that the only choice is to have the surgery.Others like yourself do not really seem to really want to fully become a female despite that you feel like a female.A lot of people just dress and live the part of being a female instead of making the decision to have the surgery.For me there was no choice about it, because i was not going to be happy unless i had the surgery to become physically a full fledged female.To decide to have the surgery is a big decision, you need to do some deep soul searching to decide that you truly feel like a female and that you truly want to become a female,that you feel that you will do anything that it takes to become a female, that is when you need to really do all the research that it requires to make the decision that you re a female in your heart and soul.Then you need to research on the internet everything that you can to help in your decision in furthering the process of your feminization.I am sorry if this sounds rude, but i pull no punches and tell it like it is.That is the only way i can be for those that say that they feel like the opposite sex but are not sure if having the sex reassignment surgery is the right thing to do.Those of us that are truly a female in our hearts and souls know right away that it is the only choice to be happy.Do you cross dress in female clothes and do you wear makeup ?or do you just feel like a female ?There is a huge difference between feeling like a female and actually are a female in our hearts and souls.There is a huge difference in the final choice of what we have to do to be happy.Whether just feeling that way or actually being that way.I take into consideration that you are just 16 years of age, so i understand that, but i have to be straight up front with you to help you see the difference and to help you make the decision whether or not you decide to be male or female in your life.There is a big difference between the genders.So please take this all to heart and do not take it as me being rude to you.i just want you to make the right decision from the beginning, before making the decision for your life that is irreversible once you start the process of gender change.Once you start you cannot reverse the process.It is a life changing decision.You need to decide now before you start and then decide that it is not for you, then you are stuck with being unhappy in your life with the decision that you had made.I see alot of people in my line of work that come to me for this reason, and some of them start the hormones then decide it is not for them and then they have to live with the irreversible effects of the hormones.The hormones change the chemical makeup in your chromosomes and that is what changes your body physically.But it is not just about taking hormones,it is a mental challenge to.Not only does your body change , your mental and emotional feeling schange too.It is a life changing experience , so please make the right decision that you feel is for you PLEASE !!!! Please email me at my private email address if you have any questions and want to know more about this very serious life changing experience OK ? My email address is : Also i am wondering why you are hiding your profile and information from the public viewing on this site ?I understand that you are young and do not want to share your information with anyone,and that you wish to remain anonymous.That is okay.Good luck in your young life.Please feel free to comment back to me and feel free to email me privately if you wish to do so.<br />
<br />
Sincerely ,<br />

i have just turrned 16 year of age and i always felt like i am in the wrong body and i want to chage sex i am just not sure wither it is the right thing to do

Thanks to all of you who left comments on this subject.I really do appreciate all of you that have chosen to leave a comment on this for me.And if you wish to send me a personal email you can send your emails to my private email address: and in the subject box you can put as the subject your first name or your username on EP in the subject box and put with it from EP so that i know who it is that is sending me an email.Thanks.As far as truckeregan and zuka23 please send me an email that way we can correspond through private email concerning your questions for me on this subject of transsexual.Thank you very much.

Hi! I am a gay male in my early 20's and I have a question for anybody who have an answer. Here we go........ I want to become a female but I don't know where or how to star the process beside dressing and acting more feminine ? Sometimes I questioned myself and I feel like I was born in the wrong body. I don't know if I should follow my instinct and pursue being a woman or just ignore it. I'm from rural area in Mississippi that's intolerant of the LGBT community. I comes from a religious family, and there's a lot of resentment, animosity between me and some family members. I truly feel like a woman inside, and should I pursue it. I'm getting help from a former law professor to have my name legally changed. I have people called me by new name, even thought it's still in the legal process of getting changed. My family makes me feel shameful about the lifestyle I'm living and that I want to become a woman. I know the M-T-F process is irreversible and once I make that decision to get a sex change I can't go back... Should I seek medical attention and other needs before I decide to start this process? I have not start taking hormone pills of any sorts. I need some advice... PLEASE HELP ME.....

Thanks for being so open with your story, and advice, TSgirl!<br />
I`m a hetero, who has quite a few gay and lesbian friends, but i`ve never known anyone who has made the CHANGE until i met my ex-wife`s partner<br />
She is male-female (please excuse me if my terminology isn`t always correct) and one of the most intelligent, strong and beautifull women i know.<br />
My ex and i have always got along great, so she is still a big part of my life today, and<br />
I have been awakened to a whole new world of perceptions, both good and bad.<br />
I, personally , have never had any hangups about other peoples sexual orientations or tastes, but sadly, that is not always the case when family, friends and neighbors sit in judgement of your decisions.<br />
I guess my question for you would be more in line with societies reaction to your status as a woman.<br />
how did your friends/family react to the change?<br />
what about the government? have you had problems changing your profile with federeal or local governments?<br />
I'd like to hear some of your experiences in this area of your journey, if you would be so kind..<br />
<br />
once again, thanks for the openess of your lifestory, and keep up the good work..I believe that women like you, who are open and brave, are bringing a new understanding and awareness to people.

Stephanie, your words of wisdom and experiences are fantastic. I have never known anyone to be so open and honest with their advice. I especially think the advice about HRT is right on when advising others about the effects. I hope that you have a very happy and fulfilled life.<br />
<br />
Take care and remember that with your wisdom passed to others you might help others to find their way in life.<br />

I wish I had the courage to do as you did. I know that I did not choose this. But I feel that I would betray all that I love to change my appearance. I guess I just am not ready yet. If I could do it and have acceptance automatically I would start tonight. For now I will have to be patient and learn as much as I can from those brave enough to follow their dream.

I wish I had the courage to do as you did. I know that I did not choose this. But I feel that I would betray all that I love to change my appearance. I guess I just am not ready yet. If I could do it and have acceptance automatically I would start tonight. For now I will have to be patient and learn as much as I can from those brave enough to follow their dream.

I wish I had the courage to do as you did. I know that I did not choose this. But I feel that I would betray all that I love to change my appearance. I guess I just am not ready yet. If I could do it and have acceptance automatically I would start tonight. For now I will have to be patient and learn as much as I can from those brave enough to follow their dream.

Thank you for sharing this Stepanie Marie. Lots of food for thought.<br />
<br />
Claire xx

hey did ur parents support u??

Thanks For the Compliment My Dearest KellyDiamond.It is so great to have such a great site as this site to make and meet such special people in which we have things in common.To be able to share and discuss subjects that we feel that we need to share with others by asking help from others who can help us through life through going to this site EP !!!! I really appreciate when others leave comments on my thoughts that i have written down for others to read.We all need someone to turn to when we have questions in life that we need answers to.This is where EP is such a great site to be able to go to, to share and discuss our most inner thoughts and feelings and desires in life that we feel are important to us as human beings.We all yurn for that feeling of recieving the words and comfort from someone whom we share a common bond with.We all have that time in our lives when we feel that we need that comfort from someone.That helps make our day seem brighter when we need it the most.Just when we feel that all hope is gone in our life then we find out that we have someone to be able to turn to in time of crisis.I am not only here to recieve input from others but to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with those who ask for me to do so.I have gone through alot in my life.It is very difficult at times and seems so unbearable that all i want to do is scream at the world and hope that it makes it all go away, but in all reality it is part of learning what real life is all about.We will never have life figured out for as long as we may live.We have to live our lives one day at a time and one step at a time.It has been a long hard road for me and will continue to be.We may find happiness and peace at certain times in our lives. That is the sign that we have taken a closer step to maturity in our lives and it shows us that we have accomplished something because we have struggled so hard to get to that next step in our life.And when we have felt that we all have accomplished something that is when we feel peace and contentment for that short moment in our life.Then it is struggling to the next step to be able to use our previous stepping stone as the another stone in building the foundation of our life.It is just like constructing a building.You have to start with the right material by choosing what stones to use as the step to begin building the foundation and then you add the mortar which is input and moral support from others that helps bond it all together so that it will form into the shape that we have chosen it to be.That is what it is like in life.Lots of hard work and sweat equity of our struggle to become molded and bonded together to the continue to form of what we wish to accomplish in our lives.For some reason in my life i always seem to use the form of constructing a structure as an example of what i percieve as the building blocks of life and what to do to get to where we need to be in life.Thanks for everyones input and advice that you all have given to me.I will continue to try to the best of my ability to be there to help others in their daily walk in life.Hope to hear from you all soon.<br />
<br />
<br />

That is some good advice. Thanks for taking the time to write it out.

Stephanie Marie, you are so right on target with everything you write. Thanks for the baster nipple idea. Here is an idea that is working good for me on the breast pump. We have this food saver suction machine that has an attachment for quart size plastic containers the lid which the suction line attaches to is same size as a cardboard mixed nut container. I just cut the bottom out with a can opener making it open on both ends. I attach the suction lid to the nut container and push it against my breast then hit the on switch. You have to be careful and just keep bumping the suction button but it will pull your breast into the container and hold suction. You can even unhook the suction tube and the lid holds the pressure on. It really makes a ring around your breast for several days but I am working on a way to pad the metal can lip so the ring won't be so sharp. <br />
My wife shares my love for my breasts and even supplies me with estrogen it really does make me so much more loving and attentive to her and what you wrote on the sensitivity of the nipples is exactly right. She often uses clamps on my nipples and I just love the feeling. I wish there were some tiny clamps I could wear inside my bra through the day and enjoy the pressure all day long.<br />
I do have some questions for you if I may? How does becoming more femenine affect your family such as siblings friends etc. ? You mentioned about people that are not understanding but I am talking about those close to us in our relationships? I am a very religious person (LDS Mormon) and I know I am not going to take this to complete SRS surgery. I do however want my breasts to grow more than their 34 C and don't really care who sees them protruding through my male shirts. I am so proud of my even 34C s and my wife seems to be fine with me continuing to grow them out as big as her 38 Ds. I absolutely love my breasts and can't wait for the growth. Please let me know how your implants work out for you. Thank you so much girlfriend for sharing so many personal things about yourself you are a great help to all of us.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Regina

To My Dearest plasticpantylover.Yes and for guys who are becoming female.This was mostly meant for them.It is a couple of good tips that i learned and have expeienced and had success with.It is really helpful for men becoming women.So there is your answer plasticpantylover.Hope this answers your question.You know where to reach me, at my private email box.Thanks for asking the question.Because it was pretty much meant for male to female TS's.

How about a guy in S.E.Pa. !!!!!!!!!!!! XXXOOO LOL

I would like to leave a couple of tips for you ladies.I have learned 2 things to do to improve your image.These tips may sound kind of strange but they both work.The 1st tip is: That if you want to get rid of the crows feet around your eyes,and get rid of the creases around the 2 sides of your lips where your lips meet the mouth, you can use preparation H to get rid of both those things,remember now don't laugh at it and think it is silly,but it really works.I learned it years ago from a friend of mine who is a cosmotologist.It shrinks up the lines, and makes them go away.I recommend that you do this only in the morning when you start your day off,but be sure and wash your face real good before you do this.I don't think you want to get it in your eyes when you are sleeping LOL !!!!Silly me !!!!you have to rub it in real good,just the tip of your finger is enough to put on any more than that is too much.Do this every day and you will begin to see the difference.And the 2nd tip is if you are starting out pre-op TS then to make your breasts more full and firmly round you have to massage them by starting out by putting your whole hand over them one at a time, and massage them that way for about 10 minutes at a time atleast 2 times a day.That may seem like a lot, but believe me you will notice the difference when they become more firm and become more fully round.Then when you have spare time and just sitting in front of the tv if you feel like it you can massage again in this way for about 10 minutes or more.Then the other way of massaging them is go in circular motion by rubbing them clockwise then counter clockwise , and that way your breasts get a full workout.The further in on your chest as your breasts start to become more full, then you massage more from the inside of your breasts towards the middle of your chest this will eventually help to circulate the mammary tissue and it will help them to become bigger around, but be patient this method does take time for progress to be noticed.You will start to eventually notice that you are starting to have some "natural" cleavage, that is all your own.You will just have to be patient with all this massage techniques, because it does take time for results to appear.And if you have ever thought about "Breast Pumping" it does work, but you have to be sure and have the right size breast pumping cups that are the size you already have for breast size and fullness otherwise it will not work as well if you have the wrong size.You can either choose to buy the breast pumping kit or you can use your imagination and figure out a way to make your own breast pumping gadget.Remember imagination is the answer if you want to do it cheaper than what it costs to buy the kit.You can either design the homemade breast pump kit for one or both of your breasts to be pumped at the same time.I am still trying to use my imagination to make one myself.And you can also use your imagination on what to use to pump your nipples, same goes for that either one nipple at a time or both of them at the same time,which i prefer,because it is so much more of an erotic feeling,and YES your nipples will be enlarged for a short time, but you just have to keep at pumping them and eventually you will have bigger nipples if you choose that you want to have larger nipples.Just find something that has a bit of suction to use to pump your nipples,remember the word here again is use your imagination.You will be surprised at what you can come up with for pumping your breast and pumping your nipples.Your nipples will be tender,that is just normal.It will feel like someone pinching them for awhile.But over time that feeling becomes less and less.But the final success of pumping your nipples is that when you are sexually aroused they will become more solid and stand out more, and you will also notice that your nipples over time will become more sensitive to the touch,which i find very arousing .That is my own opinion.You may feel different about it.You may just like the feeling of your nipples being more sensitive.But if it makes you feel other ways then that is great.Especially when you have sex with someone, or even have sex by yourself you can always play with your own nipples and you will find them to feel more sexually arousing,nothing like the enhanced sexual arousal of your nipples being played with, it helps you sexually get more turned on between your legs.When i say this i truthfully mean it.You probably have had this feelings of your own a time or two,so you know what i am talking about.Well enough of this for now.Have fun on your journey of self imagination when it comes to making your own stuff, i think it makes it more fun to use my imagination to see what kinds of things i can come up with for these things.It beats paying lots of money for the stuff.You can make your own very cheaply,just go to your nearest dollar store and see what you can find.A baster works great for the nipples,just enough suction without too much squeezing pressure on your nipples,but you have to make it into your own invention so that it works for you.A cut here a cut there on plastic tube on the baster,and wala you have your nipple pump.I found that out by just thinking of what i could use to make my own invention to use.It is the cheap way,but isn't that what we all want to do is spend as less as possible as we can to save money by making our own inventions?Well ladies i better let you go for now,and hope to hear from you all on what kind of invention that you can come up with.I'd love to hear some of the things that you found to create your own invention from using your imagination.Good luck in having fun coming up with your ideas.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
All My Love,<br><br><br />
Stephanie Marie

My Dearest KellyDiamond ,<br />
When i first started out with hair removal, i started out with electrolysis, and it hurt so much that i had to stop.I then turned to laser hair removal, it made a big difference.It all depends on how high the level they turn the laser hair removal.They usually always start out with the lowest level possible, and only increase it if you ask them to.If it is turned up to too high of a level, then it does really hurt alot.And YES your face will be red from the laser hair removal, but that is the side effect from it.The redness eventually goes away.I have had no other reactions from it.That is just a normal reaction to the laser hair removal.It all depends what choice of hair removal method that one chooses.There are so much stuff out on the internet about hair removal, the pros and cons about the different procedures.If you find a great professional that has great qualifications, that is all the better.But i highly,totally recommend that you all do your homework on the procedure of hair removal, and make sure that you also do your homework on the credibility and professional credentials on the surgeon before you make the decision on who you decide to choose for doing your hair removal procedure.Not all of them have good enough credentials, but the ones that do are more than willing to share them with you on what and how they perform the procedure.And what all is involved with doing the procedure, and how many treatments it requires,and how long each treatment will last.You will have good results when you do your homework on it all.And you can be guaranteed a well done procedure by a well qualified technician.Hair removal is permanent, but you will still have some hair that will grow, but it will be lighter, and there is a product out there that you can use to bleach it, so that it won't show, until you are able to have it pretty much removed.The results are to be permanent, but everyone will have some hair growth back, that is just a normal thing to happen.We all grow hair on our bodies, that is just human nature.So if you have any other questions for me or would like to discuss things with me privately, then PLEASE feel free to email me at my private email address OK ? Hope to hear from you soon.

Stephanie, <br />
What kind of electrolysis did you have? I'm collecting opinions; thinking toward writing a little piece for other TS sisters looking into it. I had thermolysis for two years, in the late 90's. I had is for two hours once each week in one session. It pretty much cleared my face and neck. I had some problems, like a lot of ingrown hairs. For a while my face looked like a cheese pizza. I guess it just looked like bad acne. Some hair came back, but its very light. I've been getting touch-ups by thermolysis- galvanic electrolysis (the blend). I tried laser for one treatment. It was horrible; it really hurt and turned my face red as a beet.<br />
I'm just outside of Philadelphia, PA. There's a big transgender crowd here by the way. Any Philly chicks reading this?<br />

My Dearest Tonya1,<br />
You had asked me a very open question regarding what do the hormones do to me emotionally ? My answer to you is that they emotionally make me sometimes a very emotional person, because of the hormone fluctuation between the male hormone(androgen) and the female hormone(estrogen).The Hormone replacement in the body in the form of Estrogen, increases in your body and overrides the testosterone(male hormone) to make your body not only feminine in your internal makeup( which is a lot of it) it helps to feminize your body from the inside out.When the Estrogen starts to override the testosterone in your body, it can have many different effects on you mentally and emotionally, sometimes it is like a rollercoaster, and other times you just feel mentally ,emotionally, and psychologically fine.But the Estrogen in your body overrides the testosterone because that is what happens when you increase your estrogen,it sometimes makes you a very emotional person.But other than that it all depends on a persons chemical genealogical makeup in their body to what really happens mentally ,emotionally, and psychologically.Each of us are different.We are all born with male and female hormones in us, it just all depends on what takes over as the primary hormone in our bodies when we are born.But as we get a little older from about age 5 to age 8 or older depending on what we begin to feel as who we are: either a female or male.No matter what we were physically born as :mentally and psychologically we know what we feel as to what we should have been born as physically.There is just something that still confuses scientists and us of how we feel that we should have been born as the opposite sex.Ther are a lot of us that feel that way.We just know in our hearts and souls what we should physically be.It is a widely misunderstood subject , when it comes to everyone that feels that we should just accept who we were born physically.They say it is a sin, but we know different.It is a very highly debateable subject that noone wins and noone will ever win, because we know who we are in our hearts and souls.We were made this way for a reason that many do not understand, and are not willing to understand.The ones who are not willing to be accepting and understanding are the ones who are prejudice in the world.If they look all over the world they will see how widely known it really is, especially in other cultures.And to answer your question that sometimes your nipples would feel extra sensitive when you dressed up? because you were excited of how you felt with female clothes on, that tends to make your body and nippls more sensitive ,from the excitement that you feel.And you are wanting to know why those feelings come and why bits of them stay ? Well the answer to that has to come within your search of your own soul, and that will tell you why some of the feelings come and bits of them stay with you.To me there is no right or wrong answer to why things of this sort happen to us.We just know that it does.It takes a lot of deep,deep soul searching within ourselves to really understand ourselves wholly , then we can become to understand about ourselves and what makes us who we are, and why we react to certain situations like we do in life .You asked if I am OK ? Yes i am ok !! But sometimes some days are just harder to deal with than others.To answer your question of who i am attracted to men or women? I am truthfully and honestly attracted to both men and women.I consider myself bi-sexual.But when it comes sexually to the bedroom i tend to be more sexually attracted to women for some reason, but yet i enjoy the sexual gratification of a man too when it comes to the bedroom.I have never met a true hermaphrodite, but i feel that it would be such a sexual gratification, that i would be having the best of both worlds sexually.But you have to understand i really am not predjudice against anyone.I just seem to have sexual fantasies, that i wish and hope someday that i can get to achieve.You were not rude by asking what you did.You just wanted to know more about me.I will tell you anything that you want to know about me with 100% honesty.OK ? So just feel free to ask away !!!! Send me a personal email if you would like if you feel that you want to.If you feel that you want to discuss some things privately Ok ?