Scared to Tell...

I'm your average transsexual nutcase alright. If you're a Jesus-hugging, God-fearing, homophobe that's afraid of reality, you might as well stop reading right now. I don't feel like getting lynched today. I kid though (kind of) because that's exactly what prejudice is. Why care what someone else does with their life just because it's what you believe?

When I was 15 years old I always felt in my mind that I should have been born a girl. Crazy? Maybe. Legitimate? Yes. I went through an agonizing 6 more years with that feeling until finally I snapped and realized that I need to transition into a woman. I might not ever be the perfect girl. I might not be that pretty, or have the best voice. But at least I'll have done something with my life that isn't sitting around watching talkshows while humping the Holy Bible.

And that's what counts.
hegemonycando hegemonycando
31-35, F
Nov 16, 2006