I Cross Dress And Want To Be Castrated

I have cross dressed since I was 15. 50 years later I still do, but I have to limit myself to secretly wearing underwear as I'm married. I wear the English style girls school knickers as that is what I started with, but also because they accomodate my "male bits" better due to their elasticated legs. I hate the sight and feel of my testicles, and want rid of them, but Doctors won't do that without endless analysis and probably the consent of my wife - if at all. I am not happy with my enforced sexual identity, I feel that about 20% to 30% of me is female, and I have no way of expressing that. Chemical castration is not the answer, it's the physical aspect of my maleness that I want changed. Short of doing it myself with the hope that a hospital is nearby is the only answer I can see. I'm not aiming for a sex change, I just want my testicles gone.



navylover navylover
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5 Responses Mar 2, 2010

i am tg singal and live alone i dress as woman all the time and would love to have them removed

yes i wont those thing gone two

i wear panties all the time wife knows that<br />
she des not care much<br />
also shaved an in chastity

you are not alone, I too, would love to get rid of these low hangers. What a dream......

your not the only one who only wishs for testicular removal,