The Moment I Became A Transvestite

was in church. I was 14 years old. I was bored. I was at an all boys school. I knew no girls. But I wanted to. I was in love with every girl I saw. I knew that my chances of sex with a girl was nil. But I was horny.

The laundry room and general dumping area of our house was in my bedroom. Being a curious and bored boy, I searched the laundry room, and found a pair of my sister's stockings. My sister was young and sexy. There was a suspender belt too. The stockings were cool and soft. They instantly turned me on. I didn't know why. Now I do.

I decided, at church, that I would put on my sister's stockings and suspender belt when I got home that day.

And I did. And it was incredible.

I am a straight man. I have a girlfriend, and I **** her with enthusiasm.

But whenever I can, I slip on my Palmer's lingerie and my stockings so precious that I will not tell you, and my Jimmy Choo black Elazers (you can't get them anyway ;-).

My pretty legs are wearing the most gorgeous stockings in the world. My pretty toenails are pink. My pretty feet (I am so lucky), are wearing Jimmy Choo Black Elazers.

I win. ;-)


Elazer Elazer
51-55, M
3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Jimmy Choos so sexy have Jimmy Choo heels? I love those! Now I'm kinda jealous...LOL!

Yes I felt the same. My 'babysitter' a girl student teacher who lodged with us first turned me on. (Ihad no sisters0. She used to wear nylons a lot as most women did back in the 60s/7os and she regulary adjusted her nylons in font of me. Hence I bacame a transvestite for life. Palmers tights are great. Hard to find but 1000% nylon ones are fab.