I Love Wearing Sexy Panties

I've known I loved wearing sexy panties and cross dressing since I was in my late teens. I would steal my step-mom's panties and wear them, typically to ********** with. I also loved wearing her leggings.

Today of course I buy my own panties and I own a dozen that I wear whenever I'm at home. My wife I think realizes that I like wearing them, though at first I said they were a "gag" gift for christmas one year. When she suspected that I was having an affair or I was buying clothes for another woman, I broke them out and started wearing them, saying I wanted to get intimate with them. She laughed. Now she understands I like wearing them.

Now I don't like wearing them too long. Let's face it - they aren't designed for the junior downstairs or his two friends that like to hang out. I wore a pair to work once, underneath boxers, and after work I swore I tore them off as soon as I got home and they were sore! But I wish there were pairs that WERE meant for men to wear long time. It's no fair women get to have all the sexy fun AND be able to wear them in public!

In addition to panties I own a catsuit and a pair of breast forms that are DDD size. I like wearing the catsuit and pretend I'm catoman. I also own a few pairs of bras.

Outside my home/room, I'm a normal productive member of society and at least somewhat attractive male (women many times glance my way, not all of course LOL, and not like it matters anyway, I'm married, but still...). But in my own little world I'm that much sexier. And dare I say, when I excite and finish myself off, sometimes it's better than sex.

Thanks for reading everyone :)
jliebert1 jliebert1
31-35, M
May 9, 2012