I Am A Possessed Cross Dresser!

By "possessed" I mean I have no control over my drive to cross dress and buy woman's clothing for me to wear under my clothing in public or fully dress for inside the house. Sunday I had the irresistible urge to go lingerie shopping on the Internet. I simply love full slips and recently I found some that have a double layer of nylon and wow do those feel good when I slip between the sheets at night! The nylon rubs together for a feeling I cannot describe. I found one long and very wide at the bottom in pink delicate lace and of course I bought it. I also just felt the need to have a dress to go over it all and I found one in navy blue, so cute and when I get my new pink and black open bottom girdle I will be shaking as I slip on and attach my new nylons. I bought six pair yesterday in a mist color, very sexy. I just had to get some heels and I found a darling pair of white low heels to wear when I dress up around the house. I just had to get a bra so I measured myself and then bought a darling lacy thing and some side fillers as I already have budding breasts and I just hope I fill up the cups and if I do not I will get some more fillers. I have had all this stuff and more but purged it all several times. I just buy it again and again and I will no longer purge as I have said before as it brings such blinding and compelling ******* for me. No women will ever do that for me and I will never have a woman again because I have the woman I want inside of me!
Laurine1941 Laurine1941
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

wow the amount of times I have purged my outfits finally liberating the real me Great post Laurine X