Working On The Road

I am a traveling professional magician. I have traveled and performed magic shows all across the United States. I do not claim to be the greatest magician only one who likes to keep busy doing shows and supporting my family. This line of work is very interesting in that you meet all sorts of different people who have a diverse opinion on entertainers, particularly magicians. I have discoverd that there are some people who look at a typical magician as someone who washed out as a clown. Others look at a magician as a hobbyist looking to make extra money on the weekends. When I mention that I do this as a full time carrier, people often are amazed that I am able to do this. Although, I have never mentioned that the job was ever easy. In fact, I would say that it is challenging in the sense of business and also very personally. I want to better my show and give my audience an experience they will not forget.

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I live in Mass. And would love to make a magical tour of the east coast and of course make some cash along the way. ( I do have a day job) so this would be covered during some vacation time. Any suggestions ?

Fantastic.<br />
You are in the happiness business !<br />
Thank you, ( and unobsever ) for making this world a little more fun.

My hat is off to you. As an aspiring comedian, I know what it is to deal with bookers, venues, and travel arrangements. Here's to much success for you in the future!