I Am A Tree Hugger

In the literal sense too...

But on a serious note, there is such importance in educating our youth (myself included) about the VALUE of our planet. We need to learn to preserve and take care of our planet, for no one will come and do it for us, it's our responsibility...
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12 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Thanks for your comment akasarah! :)

yes, people, please take care of our home, Mother Earth, we only have 1!<br />
<br />
God bless ya'll!

well that is good news I hope it keeps up.

@FreeFallWall haha yes literally! lol That's a cute story heehee especially since it's similar to what I have live through minus the fact that I live in the wilderness haha<br />
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@omniel thanks :)

Literally? Me too! When i was younger, i loved to hug trees and talk to them(especially ones in school they were my best friends) and tried so many times to plant a tree wherever we moved. But it never worked. I live in a total concrete jungle now.

@Arorin yea me and my mom have been getting along-ish..it's quite weird I must say

I know!!! I love it too! :) I found it on google lol :P

nope we do not.

lmao..that's right; you said that you and your mommy don't get along..

yeah as long as that is the only mother it is referring too..

Indeed! :) Ever heard the saying "RESPECT YOUR MOTHER"?? well it refers to mother earth not our real mommies lol

Yeah if it dies we die.. everyone should automatically know that.