The Rehabs Of Man Are Only A Revoling Door, But To Just Walk Away For Good Is Much More.

Genuine Rehabilitation from Life's Hardships with Bad Direction

Genuine rehabilitation is overcoming anything and everything that's guaranteed forever if that is truly what you want. And my wife and I have the means within our heart and mind to supply it for any who desire while also helping a multitude of others; and it’s a very simple way of life that is based on love with the simplicity of accepting life for all that it has to offer through nature, living off the land, purchasing or catching fresh fish from the ocean to sell, and other ways of earning the little needed for a different kind of life with efforts that are productive and rewarding as you look at what you planted grow while greatly appreciating your very simple home that you had a part in building from hollow block, bamboo, coco lumber and nipa leaf roof with cost of near nothing if compared with any form of home ownership in America or anywhere worldwide that lives within the typical ways of society.

What does this world today really have to offer most all that has no difficulties? What in this world today is actual freedom? What in this world today has no confusion, no lies, no fine print, no gimmicks that is only true and genuine? With money earned in major nations like America for an example, you have to pay tax on the taxes that have already been taxed, and when you die there is still an inheritance tax, so there is no escape even in death!

This photo to me is still as a dream; and all that dream consists of is living a very simple life with a loving wife and happiness while being fully content with friends who are true and real as in genuine. Who and what is a genuine friend? Friends are those who do things for each other because they really care and expect nothing in return; friends are those people that are so rare that we are lucky to have just one in lifetime with actions that leave the words of most people as completely worthless; and that is because genuine love is not yet in this world; but something that will one day be as an unbroken circle of people helping people with always something coming back through love; and to love others is the law of God that the last to obey as written are the religious people of this world, and I know quite well from the past 4 years of experiences with them and their very unloving ways that I have gone through because that is where God placed me to become a very strong living witness according to all of their actions that scripture describes as hate which means to detest, persecute and not care beyond words from the tongue. 1 John 3:11-24 with 4:7-8 says it all to any who believe God, but the religious people of the word don't by their hearts that God watches.  

Many people love the cities, others love the country, mountains, lakes, rivers and the oceans, but what all in this world need the most is just to love each other as friends and equal human beings; and when that happens, and it will, there will be no more hate which is the base of everything evil in this world whereas love is the base of everything that's good, right, happy, true and secure while being stable compared to hate that's more unstable than water.

So what's all this have to do with rehabilitation? Everything because love brings repentance which is rehabilitation from this world of backward direction with no positive aim.


When I speak of rehab, I can speak the experience from a life past of many skeletons in the closet, and one day over 4 years ago I just decided enough of nothing was enough, so I bought a one way ticket to the other side of the world as just escaping the only world that I ever knew as the only way out; and the way that I did it many will relate to in very deep ways because I had only about a thousand dollars for world relocation with no savings and zero income while going broke in my second month which was January 2007. And there is no employment, especially for a foreigner in a very poor country called the Philippines. . . .

This home above in my own mind is no different from a beautiful mansion, and that is because its private, has no taxes, no  mortgage, no maintenance, no plumbing, no heating and a/c, no glass windows and no problems, yet imagination within its walls is the Bible to read, a game of Chess, inner peace with no worries, a beautiful faithful wife and no problems plus a happiness with an understanding of God that few in this entire world possess which supplies all of our needs in unseen ways while having nothing, yet everything.  

. . . .and that was my beginning of my life that without faith I could not have survived through these 4 years for uncountable reasons from much of what makes life so hard for others everywhere in this world with hardships that make many turn to the escape of drugs, alcohol, gambling, ****, and just every evil or what's not right because of depression, unhappiness and weak minds that are easily enticed with temptations and just everything that exists within reach for any life anywhere in this world that has a destination of going down the wrong roads.

And what none can see while on those bad roads is the damages being done to themselves and all who care about them because all through their trip of life they see only themselves while only hurting others including children who have absolutely no control in life other than the cards dealt them; and in this sad world of great troubles today, most all innocent children everywhere and from all walks of life have been dealt a whole deck of real bad cards that no one even is aware of, but I am with some great understanding that we all need; and when you become apart of a new life we all will share our knowledge with each other in agreement as we all learn more from our creator while being in one accord.  

There is but only one solution within this whole world because of the way this world really and truly is when looked at with some common sense and a touch of sound intelligence; and the very solid truths regarding what is rapidly approaching should by right be as the worst living nightmare in the history of the world with the only way from it meaning to leave it; and I mean leave the only world that you have ever known to begin a new one fresh. Fresh as in minus the old and in with the new because in the only rehabilitation that I know there must be new laws that are not of this world. And those laws are only for the benefit of all because they forbid the ways of the human race today. To hate is against the law. To covet or have any selfish ways of greed is against the law. To steal is against the law. To kill is against the law. To commit adultery is against the law. To not honor your mother and father with respect for the elderly is against the law. To not honor the sabbath day and keep it holy is against the law. To have any gods other than the only true God is against the law. To make any graven image is against the law and to bear false witness is against the law. 


To love your wife and be happy with just whatever you have while having no selfish ways will be your greatest rehabilitation rewards in life. And that is because all of the wants with the gots to have it and the must do it no matter what with the must buy it no matter what it costs along with everything wanted being a must in this world that sooner or later catches up while bringing much agony with only regrets and sorrow for very many foolish mistakes that cannot be undone.

But when you are the one that is gone from all that gets you gone financially, mentally and physically, then all that is bad has been left behind with you being among others that only want friendship, adventures, hobbies, education, understanding of many things through intelligent conversation and just the kind of happiness that most in life never come to know because its a good life, a simple life and a life without worries because of the powers of true faith that all will learn the importance of as this world all around them comes crashing down through the coming years.  

But when you are of this world by association because that is just who you are and all that you know, the attitude for many is just why not, so what the hey, get drunk, pop some pills, a line followed by another and another until its gone with money for more until its gone with more until everything gone but the I owe you, the law, the rehab, the destroyed life, marriage, kids, job and everything else is messed up to top it off.

And right now within this world of very weak and unstable economies with food shortages about to strike, the fall of America and just one huge chaotic mess en route, many have nothing to do but what brings troubles with no proper friendships to help them in staying clear of everything bad.


What this world has no idea of with no valid understanding is that the human race has stretched their evil, foolish, stupid, ignorant, selfish, power hungry, greedy, corrupt and lying ways almost to its limits; and when the stretch is just too much. . . .


 . . . . the explosion is going to bring more death and destruction with waste and desolation than this entire world has ever before known through these coming years. And for the worlds population as it is, there is no escape, no where to run, no where to hide, no defense, no offense, and just no hope. And the very true facts in detail of what life is truly going to become. . . .well my people who I only want to know, be friends with and help. . . .the truth is so bad and so sad for this lost world in darkness that I cannot even express the realities of the way that its going to be, but I have greatly in my hundreds of other writings that no one believes, especially the religions of this world, and that is why one of my many primary posting sites is "Like to Read" in  EP Link where there are many people who just read rather than judge, detest and persecute those who see things different because God is their only teacher.


 You have reached the point in your life where you are being given a final chance by God to hear in ways this world cannot because it has been deceived; Jeremiah chapter 3; and that is what God speaks through His words of truth because He is not the author of confusion; yet the religious people worldwide do not believe God in what He tells them all, so they just change His meaning and preach their own false doctrines that all believe; and God also tells them all of the false doctrines and traditions of man, but they still won't believe Him. He also tells them all how the doctrines and traditions of man make His word of none effect in all who associate in the buildings of man falsely called churches, but they still don't believe what He says. God even tells them of how the blind lead the blind and how their blood will be shed because of the iniquities of their priests, but they still don't believe what God says. He even tells them all how their shepherds don't feed them, and they still can't hear. God tells them all in great detail of their coming destruction with the details so horrible that they just all excuse themselves as being better than all the men of God through history that suffered and died. And God even tells them all that if they do not do all of His commandments, they shall not receive the blessings for the tree of life, and they still cannot hear; and the reason is because God is love; therefore he that has no love knows not God.

And for years now I have been asking the religious people of this world for any helps possible; and little as just some coffee, Kraft dinners, any old spare junk at all, or just a few dollars from many that would add up; and as I write these words there have been over a hundred thousand views of the many writings for God, yet I have not one friend or brother in this entire world of religion that claims love; and that is because it stops at their lips; and God is going to give them all the same love when they cry out to Him in the great tribulation. 

 I now have about twenty years gone by ever since God first came to me or into my mind, and these past four here in the Philippines have been by His decision and lead to prepare me for what I am now doing.

Would you like to better understand my purpose, rehab, the religions of man and what God actually says?

"And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days. Revelation 12:6

 The woman represents the true church of God, and church is not a building but a group of those who look only to God through the mind of their Head Jesus Christ who looks only to His Head which is the Father. Thus far no man of God has ever known where we are to flee, but now is being made clear or I am just a fool, but my hearts intent is very proper because I have no other gods, look only to the Father, and want only to please Him because my life is for only His will.

 Above is one of my Bibles that is very well used, taped and marked up like a road map through near two decades of use.

The whole bottom line of truth that all need to know is that the rehabilitation is actually a repentance for believers with the active body of Christ coming together from their scattered locations all over the world to be as one to prepare for their positions in the government of God; and the experience will be similar to the millennium in teaching and leading all who remain alive to be ruled by God's kingdom rather than the rule of man that was the cause of all the death and destruction. I have not property or the means for what I want to do, but if it is God will it will just happen. My wife and I have been through many very difficult years, and God knows we have some great needs; therefore we cast all of our care upon Him because He does care and we do trust in faith that without it is impossible to please Him. 

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