We should never settle for less than this kind of passion. And yes, passion can drive you crazy, it can burn you, it can hurt, but nothing else can make you feel as alive. 
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A bad boy type

A bad boy who's a good man. Those are the best.

Oh both are quite mutual exclusive.

I don't think so. It's very rare, but I have known a few. The bad boy is usually just a front to protect the good man hiding behind it.

I found the female version of it, and I loved it.

They are the best. You're a very lucky man.

I am?? Hahaha. They're the kindest person I've ever met. Its kinda suprising tho.

It's not that surprising to me. Kind people are often taken advantage of and some will resort to putting up a "bad person" front to protect themselves. If you've found a woman who knows how to be wild, have fun, while being kind and caring at the same time, don't let her go. Ever.

Roger that ma'am! Point taken into account!

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I have found just that...

I'm so happy for the both of you. Can't wait to read the words your meeting will inspire.

I have a lot to write....

I love your writings. It's already been way too long since you last wrote anything.


This is something outside the realm of my expertise - and sadly, outside the realm of my experience...

I hope that you will some day experience it. There is nothing else that can compare.

Agree with this 100%!