I have driven a truck for a little over a year.  I have been off the road since March and I am going back real soon.  Do I want to?  Not really but I have too.  Truck driving is not a job it is a lifestyle.  You can make really good money at it but it is also a very dangerous job.  People think because you have 18 wheels you can stop on a dime.  Depending on how loaded we are it could take more then a football field length for us to stop.  Come on people we can haul up to 80,000 pounds at one time.  You try stopping something that heavy on a dime.  And when a truck driver does run into someone that stops in front of them 9 times out of 10 the person hit does not make it.  I have seen so much stupidity while out on the road.  One of my pet peeves though is to see someone coming off an exit ramp with a cell phone to their ear and they don't even look back and if I can't get over well I guess there is going to be one heck of an accident.  I have been really lucky not to have any accidents but I have seen so many.  Also 9 times out of 10 the trucker always gets blamed.  I was in Wal-mart standing in line one day and the woman behind me was complaining about the damn, dirty truck drivers.  I was dressed up that day and doing my two days home after being on the road for two weeks.  I turned around and said excuse me ms. I don't mean to but in but where did you get your clothes.  She said here at Wal-mart why, I said ok what about the food and all the other things in your house, even your car.  She said what are you getting at.  I told her if it was not for those damn, dirty truck drivers you would not have the things you do, and by the way I am one of those damn, dirty truck drivers you dislike so much.  She did not say another word.  Have any of you ever thought what would happen if all the 18 wheelers would stop and not move for lets say maybe about three days would be all it would take.  Everything would come to a stand still and people would panic.  So the next time you see a truck driver thank them instead of cussing them out.  Most of them have families they only get to see two days every two weeks when you go home to your family every night.

Yesterday Jan, 23, 2009 I have been back on the road as a truck driver for a year now.  I have been with this comapany for a year and it is a great company.  Sure they have their problems but every company has their good and bad.  My husband has been on the truck with me since May so it makes it a little eaiser.  He is my helper and my navagator.  I am sitting in Bama right now on my way to Georgia here in a little bit. 

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I'm 21 years old and have been looking into getting my CDL and getting into the trucking business. Any advice?

I would like to hear more about your challenges that you are faced with as a long haul trucker. I have become aware of how much we are dependent on people like you to keep our country going what little appreciation there is for the job you do everyday. I am a mental health counselor who would like to really understand at an emotional level what life is like for truckers being away from their friends, family and any kind of normal life. When I really understand the inside of what it's like, I would like to develop ways to help truckers live a more satisfying life within their chosen career and lifestyle, approaching the top level of trucking companies to create change. Whatever you can share would be deeply appreciated. And "THANK YOU" for helping to move the products that keep America going!

I have been driving since 1996,had 1 not @ fault accident(4 wheeler came up on right side,swerved back to the left in front of me,then tried to make a left turn into the exit part of a Culvers,but because of oncoming traffic had to slam brakes on in front of me,I rear ended her,which rear ended another that was waiting to turn left legally further up @ the entrance. Fortunately for me there were eye witnesses to the whole mishap,and I had just started shifting gears coming from a dead stop @ a red light,so I wasn't even going fast,as I had previously picked up 44,000 lbs of pulp paper. The person that cut in front of me was telling the officer I should have stopped until the eye witnesses told him what happened. My log book was accurate,everything checked out,the officer told me I could go & have a good day,I got a bent bumper,the pick up I rear ended was bent in half sort of like a v,the other car that the p/u rear ended had damage to the rear,so yep,can't stop on that dime.

Hang in there all you drivers. I always make it a point to be alert around you on the road and extend the same courtesies you extend to me. You know what they are so keep up the good work. You all have a lot of supporters out there.

I am indian driving truck last 6 years. and i have grate respect for all truck drivers out on the road. it is not a easy job. day by day less money, more and more DOT regulations. food is very expensive on the road. cell phone bill is killing me. new despatchers think that truck drivers are machine, i think they belive that driver have sleep on and off switch. it is ok if driver don't sleep for day or two. if driver is sleeping just keep sending him setlight messege, beep of message will wake him up, at lest he will not rest. if truck driver get cought just kick him or her out and hire newone, lots of people don't have jobs these days. there is no shortage of truck drivers. there is shortage of cheep truck drivers.

well I've been on the road for really close to 30years now Im tierd of dodging cars & what not it used tobe funner when I started but things changed so much it's getting harder & harder to survive on the road cause of cost & what not I honestly miss the actual truck stops since they target the tourist more then then the truck drivers I actualy remember cafes that where setup for us but find them now their mainly empty buildings now or been replaced by another travel center

You tell them ! loved your story, people just don't know what it like to drive something like a Truck, I'm sick of brakeing for people all the time( we are not payed to brake), normally to avoid an acident, anyway keep on rolling.<br />
Truck Driver from France, with the same problems !

Well I left USX and I am now an owner op with Central Hauling/CalArk. You have to have at least one year of experiance to go with them but they have been rated one of the top ten companies to work for. I have been with them now a little over a month and I am getting the 3000+ miles a week they have promised me. Now none of you drivers tell me it is because I am new at the company because you can talk to drivers that have been with them for years and they are also getting the miles. I have worked for Swift, Werner, JB Hunt and USX. I don't have anything bad to say about any of them because they all have their good and bad points. I have finally found my home here at CalArk though the people are friendly and will help you out any way they can. Don't get me wrong I have run into some issues with them already but nothing that can't be fixed.

its great to hear that your back on the road, im currently in school for trucking. im taking a 18 week training course at the National Tractor Trailer School in liverpool ny. its a great feild to be in i cant wait till i can get driving. how do u like it and which companies have u worked for?

I wish I had a cow catcher on the front of my truck. lol I am now back on the road with US Xpress and I have been back on the road since the end of January. It has gotten a lot worse out here. People are just in such a hurry to get to where they are going anymore. The cell phones have gotten worse too. People just can't drive with cell phones. I would also like to know if people were born with when a rain drop hits the windshield, foot automatically goes to the brake. What is that? I want to scream sometimes. lol If I could get away with it I would put and intercom system on the front of my truck so the idiot drivers could hear what I am cussing them out about. lol Don't get me wrong now I know I make my mistakes too but 9 times out of 10 I do try and be very careful. I know what these big trucks can do to a four wheeler and it is not pretty. God forbid I ever hit and kill anyone. That would be it for me and my family and friends would be visiting me in the insane assylum. I would lose it. I met a truck driver about two months ago that had a man run out in front of him and use him to commit suicide. That is also a very common thing. I do have to look up to that driver because a coupld of weeks later he was back behind the wheel. It is tearing him apart but he has a family to take care of. God bless the men and women who run the roads out here deleviring the stuff everyone needs to live everyday.

So its not just me. I have been driving professionally for 3 years. I drive the most busy and congested and more complicated stretch of highway in North America. The 400 series of highways in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada is that road. Even 18 lanes wide for 5 kilometer at one stretch.<br />
<br />
I live by one motto: If they don't scatter they splatter. I have never had an accident while I was at fault for.<br />
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And the best piece of equipment I could ask for is a cow catcher on my truck like the ones trains used to have to push the cows (4 wheelers) out of the way!

Whew! You go Rondat! I like your story. I have ridden with my husband and the way 4 wheelers drive is scarier than any truck. Granted, there are some drivers who give trucking a bad name. But for the most part truckdrivers are professional, courteous and safe. And yes, my husband gets pretty dirty sometimes but so would anyone slinging a lumber tarp. And he does shower regularly like most drivers. When people like that woman see them, they probably haven't gotten to the shower yet. or maybe they just finished loading or something. It doesn't mean they have been riding around in those same clothes for two weeks. I wish truckers would have a ministrike for a few days. If nothing more it will show the country how much truckdrivers are needed.

You forgot to mention why it would ony need 3 days,once the media got wind that all trucking was stopped people will fly to the stores to buy the things they need,gas,food,and so on,think it's a joke?If memory serves me right it happened in canada a few years ago.the truckers got the pay raise they hoped for and a few other needed things.