Icy Road And The Bridge

just stated my career and I was in an escort of 2 other drivers one with 30 years of experience and the other with only 10 years I had no years we went out to the city for a big delivery and on the way back as we got on the bridge a speeder shot past us like  greased lightning not more than 10 seconds and this speeder hit the guard rail and bounced back at us me slowing down this recoil projectile shot past me and my group to hit some one else no one hurt but I was now a seasoned driver from this what an experience
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3 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Amen to that could have been killed

that was my first time behind the wheel also 30 years ago since then and only last year I had a roll over (my fault) should have paid attention now no body will hire me any more than 3 years experience they do a DAC on you a legalized form of black listing as far as I'm concerned so my career is over at 50 years old well maybe it's time for a change I just don't know it yet how many years do you have driving

been threw it several times no fun to watch lots worse to get invloved in their tragidy I've been a driver for years & have had tons of close calls & got tagled in some of their misshaps