If I Honked Twice I Got Flashed :)

   I would say the best time to drive over the road is in summer.  No matter how much you pay attention to where your driving or finding that stinking address sent over the qualcomm, there's always a little smile when you look down your window.

   You all know what I'm talking about when you enter the busy hours of a major city. There's nothing to do but drive, speed up, slow down and turn on your CB. ON many occasions as you put out all the BS about what politician did this, or who Jesus is, and how great sex was.  There are those fellows you listen to when its boring and the words hit you like a dog in heat. "half naked women on my left."

   That's right, you muster on a few inquiries and assume its a joke by some few comments and as one or more drivers see this, then you know its true.  My company truck was always governed at 65, yes you all know that its one of the few like "SWIFT", so i just wait until she passes by. Jerk my head to the left, real quick and glance at what 3 seconds look like.  To us its almost a minute.  So you ladies out there who thinks wearing short shorts or a mini skirt is going to hide what you have, don't be a fool.  Wear some pants if you don't want anyone looking at you.

   There's a system that goes into looking at fine or the ugly ones too. We get bored, and we always have comments on everything and everyone.  The car will slowly come in view in the huge flat mirror. That gives us enough time to check and see if your cute, what color your hair is and if its long, short or you have some ugly hat that no ones wants to see.

   As you drive closer, about neck and neck to where your window and ours are at. Its that 2 or 3 seconds that we see all in your car. What ever your window provides.  It could be anything from an old man just having his hands rubbing all over his wife or girlfriends top naked body as she lays flat down. Feet tented up towards the window and they always smile.  Or as you give the honk signal of a chu chu train, and often from nice ladies a shot of what we can't have. To your imaginations, whatever you do in the bedroom, people do that do in broad daylight as they drive across the miles of unforeseen roads.

   Then when you pass us up, we see the image of your hair, your outline of your body, to what you store in the back seat. All of this in less then 10 seconds as you pass any semi truck down the highway.  So to you ladies, if you think its safe to dress like that and no one but the people or yourself in the car is going to notice. Don't be alarm but peep a boo we saw you.

    On a lighter note, the chu chu train also is great when you drive your kids cross country. Its an interaction that nobody should forget about truck drivers.  Give us the sign and well blow off the doors next to you. 

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

Haha...I know you can see in my car. That's exactly why I can usually be found with my top pulled down and either my bra showing or my **** full out on display for you guys. I happen to love flashing you guys and I know you all enjoy a good show. It perks you up (pun intended) and maybe helps pass the time.<br />
<br />
Take care, be safe and if a lady flashes you...give us a honk. We like being appreciated!!