I Thought It Would Never Happen...

Hey guys. this is my story.

I meet my boyfriend about 2 years ago online and i come from a family of truck drivers so when i meet him i thought wow i thought i would never date a truck driver. but these past 2 years have been the most trying times of my life. he was gone 28 days out of the month. and we live in different towns but i have family in the town he lives in so it was hard because there were times i had to go 5 months without seeing him but we talk everyday on and off when hes not driving. it sucked and i know how a lot of you feel. but i think it made us a lot stronger because when we were together it made the time we had even more special. now hes on this route where he is gone weekdays and home weekends but the down side is hes not making the kind of money we need. so there are good and bad things about having him home every weekend. i go with him every so often when i have time but its still hard knowing i have to leave my better half at the end of the week. people dont understand that truck drivers are the back bone to this country. without them we wouldnt have the food or things we need in the stores. i know they have to fight for spots at night to shut down and the truck stops are nasty and they dont have the access to showers everyday. ive been there and i know how it feels so if anyone wants to talk feel free to message me... i could use some friends that understand what im going through.
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I have someone new in my life hes a trucker and im very happy about it

I am also dating a truck driver, for almost 6 years. I love him dearly, he is essentially that best thing that ever happened to me. I only see him maybe eight times out of the month if I am lucky. And it seems as if the weekend goes by so fast.

I just recently joined this site because I'm a young girl dating a young truck driver. I'm also about to go out on the road with him. It's a scary thought but I love him alot and am willing to make this work. So glad to have found this site with others in the same situation!

I have family that are truck drivers too. (Dad and grandfather) and I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. It is hard having the one you love gone so much and for so long. My boyfriend has been a OTR driver since before we met and not seeing him for a month at a time is difficult. But I manage to keep myself busy with work and my child, also we talk on the phone a lot too! I can also understand how it would be nice to have friends that understand what i'm going through. I currently don't have any friends, but if you ever want to talk you are more than welcome to message me. :)

I am also the girl friend of a trucker. it takes a special kind of person to realize the good and the bad that comes with the job.My dad was a truck driver so i know what the lifestyle is like. And i do miss my guy. But we text and talk every day,which makes it eaiser.

I just started a serious relationship with a truck driver. I never in a million years would of thought that I would date one but I have. We live in two different states and its very hard at times when I dont get to see him. Sometimes I feel depressed or upset but I try not to let him know. I really like message boards like this one because it lets me know that Im not the only one who feels that way. I really like him and I know that he likes me....Today he was suppose to spend the weekend with me but he received a call to pick up a load and return it back to his home state (extra $$$). One of the ways that Im dealing with the frustration is by keeping myself occupied and focusing on our future together. I also text/call him periodically throughout the day to let him know that I was thinking about him. He told me that he would like for us to get one day.

It is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done- being a trucker's girl. I wish more people understood the challenges, but at least we have this 'group', right?

I never thought that I would date a truck driver either, and I never realized how hard it would be! It seems like every choice that is made in these relationships there are ups and downs, but atleast you are getting to see him more often! If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me! I also wish I had people who knew what its like going through these kinds of things!