I'm A Truck Driver's Girlfriend...

I'm dating a truck driver. This is not something I ever, in a million years, thought that I would do. Several years ago, I was married. The man I chose to marry turned out to be a loser, a user, and a cheater. He left me with massive trust issues, and therefore the idea of being with a man who is consistently not here and generally in a position to do lots of things and get away with them did not appeal to me. Then I met D.

D is my boyfriend. He is an amazing man. Skilled at what he does, sensitive to my needs and feelings even when I wish he wasn't, loving, honest, and totally trustworthy. From the very moment I met him, I knew I could trust him. I never doubted that for an instant.

So, now, here I am. In a very serious relationship with a man I only get to see for a few days once or twice a month, if I'm lucky. We spend tons of time on the phone, as that is our only means of contact and communication. I mean, there's e-mail and such, but it's not the same as hearing each other's voice.

It's hard. I miss him all the time. When he leaves, it's the worst. I try to hold back the tears until he's gone, usually unsuccessfully. I want to send him off with a smile, not bring him down. Once he's out of sight, I do break down. The first few days are the hardest. I get very depressed, wishing he was home, not sleeping well, not eating, unable to focus and concentrate on the simplest of tasks. After the first 2-3 days, things get somewhat better. Eventually, I feel back to normal, but I suspect that is mostly excitement at knowing that it's closer to him getting home again.


He's my best friend, the love of my life, my soulmate. He's everything that's important to me (besides my kids), and as hard as this life is, I wouldn't give him up for anything. I'll tough it out and deal with this simply because I love him and he is worth this. As they say...the only thing tougher than a trucker is a trucker's wife. Someday, I hope to be his wife and not just his girlfriend.

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I truly understand how you feel. I've been in a relationship with a truck driver a little over two years. He is on the road every night and I only get to see him one day out of the week. This is all so new to me but I'm determined to make it work. I do need to find another hobby to keep me busy. I do wish to become his wife some day. Comforting to know I'm not alone.

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Wow I love your story it really makes me think of me I am in a relationship with a truck driver to you really make me happy we've been together for 8 months and it's been really hard because he used to be home every night but now he's on the road for months at a time and I've not got to see he is a trainer now he is training a guy to drive a big truck and now pretty much all I do is crying about explaining things I'm sensitive about everything about food about when I'm going to eat I bought clothes I don't know but I cry over nothing thank you you helped me a lot with your wonderful story.

Wow. That was so touching to my spirit. I'm in the same position but without children. I want to soon hopefully! I'm new to this and Thank you for sharing your story. God bless!

My story is similar to yours and I'm happy I found this group bc I think I'm a hair away from losing a good thing, maybe even the best thing that happend to me.

I started dating my trucker at the end of March. We were friends since last July. My previous relationship before him lasted for five years, in those years I endured emotional, mental and physical abuse.

When I met my trucker there was something about him that made me feel safe. At the point I was at in my life I couldn't even look any man in the eyes due to trauma. We just met and I opened up to him so much about my life. Then one night he made me do something I've never done in a long time, genuinely laugh. He made me laugh when I forgot how. I looked at him in a different light and fell so hard. I kept trying to talk myself out of those feelings bc he's 13 years older than myself and he's a . . . trucker.

But it still happened and we finally made it official at the end of March. Everything was perfect, I trusted him leaving and would wait the days and weeks out patiently.

Just in the recent week, I can't stop thinking he's cheating or he's lying. I keep picking fights when he's at work and it's draining both of us. I think I'm becoming that insecure girl again.. Who can't trust, who doesn't feel worthy.

I've never had a man that treats me as good as he does. He treats me like gold.

How do you cope with the distance and the thoughts of possibilities? How do I deal with them before they end my relationship?

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In the same boat here I'm just sitting here crying missing him so Oilfield Trucker girlfriend.....

My boyfriend just started driving and today is his first day gone. I love him with all my heart. Since we have been together we have always been around eachother and sleep side by side. It's gonna be hard sleeping in an empty bed. Even more though I don't have family or kids to help support me. I did cry as I watched from my door as he drove away. I know it's gonna get easier as time goes by, but reading your words, it made me feel a lot better. I also hope to be his wife one day. As I pray for him each night I will say a prayer to all the truck drivers wives and girlfriends who stand by there hard working men.
Thank you for your post. Good luck darlin

I walk the same road. Bad marriage and all. But I also have 3 kids who love and adore my Ol'man. Even if he is only home once a month. When push comes to shove he has been home when it really counts. I have been with S almost a year now. We dated years when he ran local harvest but life didn't play by the rules. We have been given a second chance. He is a long haul/ heavy hauler. It's hard but you find ways to cope. We play on line games and talk everyday. Today is hard my Ol'man headed north after being home for a week, plus this new winter storm coming in... sigh I worry, a lot. But love and all...

I'm new to all this truck drivers girlfriend stuff and I'm already feeling the pain, heartache and missing him like crazy. He's very handsome, we met online and I almost didn't give him the time of day because of all the girls commenting on his pictures. Anyways, we starting talking and really connected. After meeting in person it was confirmed, we were meant to be together. The question I have is how many married or boyfriend truckers cheat? I'm sure most trust their partners, but people do cheat. He's asked me to come on the road with him whenever I'm able to, never done it, not sure I could handle the ride. I want to be with him though. We're moving in together, I'm hoping this will make it somewhat easier knowing that I'm in our home and he'll be coming home to me. I love this man and will not leave him because of his occupation. It's sexy to me and he really is the one I've searched for my whole life. Our first date lasted 3 days. We got snowed in together. The best time of my life. Miss you baby!

I am a truck drivers pet. Girlfriend to the vanillas out there. I don't know how others can deal with the pain of it all. Knowing you can never celebrate holidays again with him coz u don't know if he will ever be home...and this moving the holiday ahead thing is just silly to me. It kills me to know that the only future I may have with this guys is him never being around when he is needed most. He had supposedly stopped smoking but I know when he goes out he starts again and that kills me too. It's like it's a whole other world out on that damn road and what's at home doesn't count. I've gone out with him twice now, but then he's saying he enjoys his alone time too. It's all just driving me crazy. Seeing him a couple days a month...not being able to plan anything...trying to squash a life into 2 days of a visit...it's crap. Yea I hang in there..but I don't think it's gonna be worth it in the long run. Just too lonely.

Is his name Doyle DeLancy by chance??

It's definitely not easy I can relate to you

I feel so complete when mine comes home but when I take him back to the truck it kills me. I feel alone and empty and sometimes he treats me kinda crappy because I am not always near my fone or sometimes it wont always ring and he gets so angry with me when he can not reach me. I never go anywhere or do anything. I luv him it has been over 2 years and I just don't know whether it is worth the battle of him getting angry at me anymore. But all the time invested in the relationship wants me to keep trying and battling through it. He says I never call enough and if I call too much he gets angry I just don't know how to meet him half way? Any Suggestions?

i know exatly what your going through ive been with a truck driver for a while now.. i hate dropping him off at his truck with his bags watching him pull out and leave but i LOVE to pick him up and to load his bags in my car <3 Its very hard most people dont understand unless they go through it!

Being with a truck driver is insanity.... even when he's on his way home, there's always the random accident, snow storm, truck malfunction. He drives overnight so I barely sleep in order to spend time talking with him, and if he doesn't call at a normally scheduled time ---- here come's the sickening panic. It is stressful and lonely.... but damn if I don't love him.

I've just become a truckers girlfriend and already I feel like I'm playing second fiddle to his cab!!<br />
After spending all week looking forward to spending NYE with him, he got called back out after 3 hours!!<br />
If I didn't love the guy there is no way I'd be putting up with his job. <br />
Starting to realize how much I'm going to have to sacrifice and how much I'm going to have to suck it up for his sake.

I know exactly how y'all feel. Every one of my past relationships has ended with them either cheating on me, using me - one even getting to the point of abuse (mostly emotional). I never thought I'd be in love with a trucker, seeing as how he's always on the road and could get away with so much ..but I knew from the moment I met A he was something else and I could trust him with my heart. He's the sweetest, most caring & loving man I've ever met. It's so hard to see him leave, but I know he has to do what he's gotta do & when he's done ..he's coming home to me :) that's what keeps me going while he's away. It's hard ..but true & honest love is definitely worth it :)

I'm a truck driver's girlfriend and it's one of the most difficult things I've had to deal with. I hate that he's gone more than he's home, but I love him more than anything. Many people have questioned me about if he's cheating on me while he's gone. I have heard stories about his happening but I know K would never do that to me. The time we do have together is precious to both of us. And we make it count. It also helps that his kids still want to come to our house even when they know their dad isn't going to be home. Being in love with a trucker definitely has its challenges, but the reward are worth it!

Im a truck driver and I miss my gf when im on the road too. I love it when she goes on the road with me

Im a truck driver and when Im on the road I miss my girl friend I was recently laid off though so now Im home

yes the first few days are always hard i barely leave my bed at all the first day but then i realize he wouldnt want me to be sad and its always hard to send them off with a smile it never gets easier and if anyone says it does theyre lying. I like you had trust issues too from my exes and wasnt too sure if i wanted to do another long distance relationship after dating a sailor who just left me hanging. But M's made me a believer.

More so than you obviously.....(smirk right back at ya!)mz

More so than you obviously.....(smirk right back at ya!)mz

Nope, not too sensitive at all....I just have no patience or tolerance for ignorant trailer trash!! Your comment shows just what kind of person you are; which is useless and totally ignorant. You have no regard for others and there are plenty of other web sites that you can talk your smutty trash talk to your uneducated hearts desire!

Nope, not too sensitive at all....I just have no patience or tolerance for ignorant trailer trash!! Your comment shows just what kind of person you are; which is useless and totally ignorant. You have no regard for others and there are plenty of other web sites that you can talk your smutty trash talk to your uneducated hearts desire!

Hey funseeeekrr.... Are you just a ***** or a complete SOW??? Why don't you take your slimy self back to your street corner and stay off of here!!!!!

I completely understand what you are talking about and trying to NOT break down in front of your trucker the day he has to go back out on the road as I do the very same thing and not always with success either!!! True and real love is worth it though and we just have to stay strong!!!