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I am new to this website and I am glade I found it, My boyfreind is a driver and is out on the road 6wks at a time. Tomarrow (monday) is his first time out on his own and in own truck. For the last few months he was training and had other guys out there with him... now he is on his own. I am so proud of him though because this is what he wants to do and says this job will pay for all the things we want to do in life. I dont have any doubt in my mind that he can do this, i just rry about him because I know what some of the risks are... he tells me every day. We talk alot on the phone and its so hard to hang up because I know he is home sick and there is not a thing i can do about it. He was home 3wks ago and that day that he left I cried... I cried the night before and that morning. Even now sometimes i cry at night when we hang up. I would like to talk to other people who are dealing with the same thing!!
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After a long night of tears I just logged on to a support group and saw your story... Thank you for sharing ... makes me feel better that I am not the only one out there that is going through this...I will write more later... I Have to get ready for work

I know it's hard, my husband hasn't been out for even a year yet, almost though. Encourage him rest when he needs rest, seriously, there are laws out there so truckers do get ample time to sleep/rest if they obey the laws. Unless he's learned to double log, I wouldn't reccomend trying to get around things, they really are there for his protection. Something we learned the hard way (yes I say we, eventhough I'm not the one out there), is be careful pulling over on the side of any road (on the shoulder), so troopers will ticket you unless you have triangles up and/or bl<x>inkers. Get one of those books that has all the truck stops he can stay at. Also, tell him to not spend all his down time in the truck, especially if he doesn't have a load or can't drop his load until later. Ask the clerks at the truck stop what there is to do in town, where the Walmart is, if there is a mall, a fair, or a theater or anything else. My husband walks at a mall nearly everyday. He has seen numerous movies while out, and even found a $1 theater in Alabama. Give it my husband is kind of like a tourist while out on his job, but it sure does beat being locked up in your truck all the time. He is not a prisioner to his truck, so when he's not driving or sleeping, get out, walk, find something to do. It really has helped my hubby tremendously to not be so depressed and homesick. <br />
As for you, plan something "fun" a girls night out or something the day he leaves. Yes it's painful to hug them goodbye, but I can really say that I have gotten used to it, what is getting harder is watching how it tears my 16month old up when daddy leaves. Not saying the day will come you wont miss him, but you kinda get used to it. Oh and imagine 30yrs ago when they didn't have cell phones. They had to stop at pay phones and hope their loved ones were home and available at the same time, see we have it made compared to then.