The New Bride

When My husband I a got married he was in truck driving school. When he finished he was soon sent out to do training with his company, and we were only married three weeks. That had to be the hardest three weeks of my life, however we did talk everyday. Talking on the phone is great but not being together is really difficult.  I have learned to take one day at a time, and also keeping myself busy helps so much.  

Cooking during the week helps so that there is not so much to do when he gets home. Preparing meals for the road saves money and is much healthier, all the food I cook for him I vacume pack with my seal a meal machine, and then freeze. I make enough meals for each day and he keeps them in the ice chest with ice and takes out what the wants to eat and lets it defrost while he is driving. He started out eating sandwiches, but after a sandwich for lunch and another for dinner he burned out on them quickly so that is one of the main reasons why I started cooking for him and because it is healthier. 

The life of a truck drivers wife can be difficult ,but I feel I have ajusted well in the short time since my husband has been driving. I have realized that the main reason that I have adapted so well is because when I was a child my dad worked all the time and was not home much. My mom always told me that Dad is working to support us even though he is gone so much he still loves us.  My husband works during the week and is home on the weekends and I know that he is out making a living so that we can have nice things.  The first year of marriage is the hardest but being away from a spouse during that time makes things difficult at times. We have been married almost 6 months and so far we have managed to keep it all together!!! 

So for any New wives, fiances, or girlfriends going through withdrawls due to your man being away remember that he is out there making a living and providing!!! if cooking is your thing then cook for him and send food out on the road that is just one of the many ways that you can show love to him while he is away.... Preparing for his homecoming is somthing that I look forward to doing each week as the weekend gets closer.... I always cook somthing good and nourishing for him when he comes in that helps alot.... Planning things to do over the weekend is another thing I enjoy doing..... Alot of the time we just stay home and lounge around in our PJ`s and watch movies all day!!!

Staying busy is another thing that is very important.... Staying busy keeps your mind off missing your man and makes the time he is away go by much faster.  It is easy to get frustrated or upset because your man is away but  hang in there you can do it!!!!!
TSUAlum07 TSUAlum07
Oct 22, 2010