The Life Of A Truck Driver Wife

I am a truck drivers wife!! we have been married for almost twelve years. How ever we just started our own trucking company eight months ago it has been a long road! my husband has had his CDL for 13years and has drove off and on  for other people throughout out our marriage. When we made the decision to start our own company our lives changed forever. I was never a big fan of the idea of the love of my life always being gone we have two children ages 10 and 7 we have defiantly had to adjust to all of the changes. I always try to be strong for our children as well as him even when i am ready to brake.I know it is just as hard for him to be gone i try not to ever let him know i am feeling down a truck is some thing you must have a clear mind to be operating so a worried or concerned driver is not a safe driver so to me all of that can be put aside till he is home .  he is such an amazing man he work's so hard for us and when he is home he is with us every every moment. I love that he makes sure the children and i no how much he loves us and lives for us. 
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My husband has a dream of one day starting a Truck Stop or possibly line of trucks of his own also. I know in his head he can see it clearly all coming together but for me I am a bit shaky on the idea. The Truck stop I do not think to be such a bad idea as from my experience when riding with him it was sometimes a pain to find a decent place that was not full. I know there is a big demand for more truck stops especially with so many cities now pushing trucks out and as far away as possible.
So happy you have had a good experience and life with your guy.

Good for you!! Happy to see that you're both are on a wonderful exciting journey. Good luck!!