I Miss My Hus.

I  AM a Truck Driver's Wife  my Hus is a good truck driver. for 18/y i love my hus and i miss so much when my hus was home no att from me. why did i do that to my hus. how can i tell you how hard it is you miss so much i love my hus for  31/y it is hard for me and my hus he  call me but i wish he will come home for good and not driver a truck. its so hard for him and its hard work so when you hus come home take care of him love him .your hus works hard for his family. mex
mex mex
2 Responses Mar 13, 2012

my Dear i have one son home with me he is 28/ its hard for me to come home from work. i raise 3 boys and it was hard. you are the mom and dad.you will do a good job i know take care of your kids and your Hus.is your Hus home on Friday my Hus is home on Friday. so have fun with your family do the best you can.you can do this your hus is working hard like my Hus is doing.how do you know how your Hus is feeling about his job my hus is feeling old this is not a life but your Hus and my Hus are working for his family.take care you are nub one.you will do a good job take care.mex

Yes I do have to stay that miss my husden to he has been doing this for 21 years we have been togther for 12 years it is so hard to be home and raise the kids with out him I sometime fill like I am the mom and dad to them