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My husband has had his CDL since October 2011 and we are on our third company. He just left last week headed to Wisconsin for a week of training and is now out on his own. We chose this company because he will be out 11 to 13 days and home 4. The first time he went out I was OK. I was so proud of him for leaving his comfort zone and finally doing what he wanted to do, which was get his CDL. I was holding down the house and taking care of the kids and he was getting his experience so he could come back in town. I thought we can do this!! But in January, 11 days after he went back on the road he called and said he couldn't be married anymore. He wasn't in love and we were done. I broke, my heart, my mind, my peace, it all was broken. He was having a hard time being out on the road alone. He felt like he was going crazy so he left that company and came home. We worked hard and found each other again. We thought we were good. He found another company that would have him home every weekend!! We were excited! Then he got out on the road and I found I was not OK anymore with him being gone. Having home on the weekends was so hard cause I had to say goodbye every Sunday. I had become paranoid about him and his feeling and what will happen it he feels the same way. Well it turned out this company was not a good fit considering they had NO respect for their drivers. He is now out again with this new company and I am going crazy without him. I cant wait for him to get his experience and come in town. I think every minute of every day how much I want him home. I have talked to him and he has really tried to comfort me and let me know we will be fine. What can I do to make this time apart easier for him, myself and the children? Is it normal for a person to get out on the road and have things change? I'm am new to this
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I think it is completely normal for a person to get out on the road and things change. My husband has been driving for a little over a year, for the same company the whole time. But he is gone Sunday through Friday, sometimes not home until Saturday. I have found we have had to work a lot harder than before to keep our relationship strong, and we have had some bad moments in the past year. But if you are willing to stick by your husbands side and understand it is hard for them out there alone, then you will get through it. It takes a lot of sacrifice on the wifes part, but I know that I personally feel like this is my husbands dream and I will be there through thick and thin. I know it can be very hard, especially at the beginning, and definitely with young children involved (we have a 2 year old). I have found that I deal better if I keep busy with our daughter and if I get to talk to him each evening. Luckily I have the ability to talk to him every night, but it still is hard going to bed alone. Time really does help with the adjustments tough, and having other family or friends there to support you.