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My fiance...his name is flash...yes that is his name on his birth an ort and it is so hard. We met and fell inlove five years ago. We have been through our ups and downs. He is such a wonderful man. I worry so much about him quite often. He is in his second year of being a trucker and I don't know if I can do this forever. I mean how do y'all stand it? Y'all get to see your husbands fiances boyfriends about 48 days a year...if that...I always said I wouldn't be a truckers wife. Not because I don't have respect for truckers but because I didn't think I was strong enough and that scares me because I don't want to lose him. I also worry about him cheating and me never knowing it. What happens if I get the urge to cheat? I mean women do have needs too. I get so upset when people say how lucky I am because I only have to see flash a few days a month when I simply don't know how blessed you are to have your love sitting home next to you every day....
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This may not be what you want to hear..but think about it..i know as a former driver for 30 years the urge is there,i have read alot of penthouse letters but have NEVER cheated on my ex-wifes or girlfriends..ask him about his fantasies..maybe he would get turned on about hearing about your past lovers,or going *out* with another man for a few hours an having sex with him,with no strings,letting you explore or get to him about this,see if he gets excited,stroke him while ur talking like this,maybe send him some hot text messages an pics of yourself in sexy dresses or lingeria..its worked for me an mine,turned both of us on ALOT!..keep in mind u need to keep sex an love seperate..let me know how things go an if you need more advice...Dave

That has got to be hard... to sustain a relationship hardly seeing one another.

It is incredibly difficult. I don't wish it on anyone