My Husband Is Now A Truck Driver 2013

Well Im 26 Yrs Old And We Have A 2 Yr Old Son I Know If My Husband Didn't Do This We Wouldn't Be Able To Give Our Son The Life We Dream Of For Him. We've Been Together For 4 Yrs Now And Been Homeless More Then Once Always Struggling To Make Ends Meat And To Pay All Of Thee Bills In The House Hold There's Days Where We Starved Just To Make Sure Our Son Ate That Day, We Were Not Smart Having A Kid In This Mess But I Love My Son And So Does His Daddy.So One Day We Just Happened To Sit Down And I Said We Can't Keep Living This Way Either Were Gonna Lose Or Son And Be On The Streets Again Or Struggle Even More Or Even So Longer And The Last Thing I Want Is For My Son To Grow Up Seeing Us Like This. I Grew Up Poor And Moved A Lot Changed Schools A Lot Seeing My Mom Stealing Just So We Could Eat And I Love My Mom But I Can't Do That So I'm So Glad My Husband Decided To Become A Truck Driver All My Fears Went Away When He Told Me This How Ever Me And My Son Will Miss Him Dearly But It's For The Best He's Not Only My Hero But He's Our Son's Hero And Yes I Am Working As Well But Him Being A Truck Driver Helps Us Out A Whole Lot And We're Always Gonna Support Him In His New Job

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Thanks so much, so far we're doing good it just sucks that he comes and goes = ( it's sad but i know it's for the best i always tell him we're doing just fine and that we're so proud of him which we are, but the last thing i need is to stress him out and to let him know that its hard at times that's way im online doing this thanks guys for the support it really does help

it is a difficult decision - but trucking can definitely pay the bills better than a lot of 9-5 jobs. So I hope and pray that you guys are able to achieve your goals and have some financial security at long last, and that your son knows how much he is loved :)

:) life is unfair.. but still it is a beautiful life :) you have a family :)
i can never know how hard it is to be on your shoes..
but keep the faith. .never lose hope..

Thanks hun = )