Engaged To A Truckdriver....

First of all he was gone for almost 6 months for CR England and I barely saw him during that time - they were not too good at giving hometime and now he works for Spokane Produce and although its a bit more local and I do see him unfortunately the time is spent arguing or in bits and pieces....his schedule basically in leaving Sunday at 12:30 to be home tuesday around 2 am ... to leave again by 11 am to not be home until thursday around 2 am to leave by 11 am thurs not to be home until saturday around 2 am...he has saturday off and then it starts all over again. My days off are Monday and Tuesday. I know he is doing this to get us ahead and out of debt so we can afford a house of our own but that doesn't stop the loneliness. I am looking for advice on how to stay busy, how not to get insecure, and just to make new friends that are going thru the same thing I am because alot of my friends have their men home everynight so they dont understand. I have three kids of my own so the weekdays aren't terrible but the weekends suck because I work on his one day off and we have his son Friday - Sunday whom I love like my own but its just hard.
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I can totally relate, we just moved 1600 miles from what I was used to. He took a trucker job being gone 2 to 3 weeks at a time. I'm not at all used to this. His last job he was out a week at a time.

Reading this has gave me hope. I have the problem of having to keep all my thoughts and feelings to myself bc i dont know any women that can relate to my situation. I just joined after reading!

Thank you...its hard to have a date night when the only time we can really ever have together is Saturday and even that is iffy and yeah lol - my job and the kids do keep me busy...I'm glad I found this place because its easier to vent somewhere thats not facebook lol :) hope u have a good week

That is definitely a difficult schedule! My hubby is home about 4 days a month, but they are usually at least 36-48 hours blocks of time, rather than just 12 or 18 hours.

This is a lifestyle that can be hard for people on the outside to understand - it can feel like a single mother lifestyle, even though it's not. Keeping busy with good and productive activities is important - I'm not worried about you not being busy with a job and three kids LOL. But you do need to keep your mind occupied in healthy ways - I think sites like this can be a great place to start and develop relationships with other wives and moms that share similar situations to yours!

As difficult as it is to balance time with the kids and then just one-on-one time with him when he's home for such a short time, you have to be sure to have a date night from time to time to keep the relationship special for you guys.

I hope that's helpful :) I really wish you guys all the best!!