Newlywed And Now He's Leaving :(

My husband and I have been married less than a year, but have been together for almost five years. The job he has now is a complete dead end as a delivery driver. He has had back problems because of having to lift awkward, bulky, product. The chiropractor says it can get better if he stops now. After careful consideration we both feel a trucking career is the best option. He has just submitted his application to Prime and we are waiting to hear if/when he can get onboard. I have so many concerns and questions and I don’t want to overwhelm my husband with everything. He worries that I won’t be ok with him going, but I can’t tell him not to go because I want him to know that I will support him in everything he does. If someone can help give me some perspective on what I can expect I would be appreciative.
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My husband is a trainer for Central/Swift (they just merged) and there is lots of room to advance. After 6 months he can become a trainer and owner operator and make big bucks. Yes, they are out 4 weeks and home 4 days. It is hard adjustment if you are new to over the road trucking. But they also have regional runs and they could be home weekly. Central/Swift has cdl course for I think a week then you go out with a trainer. It pays about 500 a week and they pay for your CDL.

Not trying to discourage you but Prime sucks, my husband and I were considering driving teams for them and the pay and truck speed sucked. I have been home for two months now and my husband is still trucking after our eight years of teaming otr. If he is running solo, you can expect him to be away from 14 plus days, and only having 1 day off for every six days. Running during the winter season is very rough and dangerous. You have to be sure to stress to him about his health, there is really no healthy food options out there in the truck stops unless you actually have time to sit for a meal. Over an eight year period my husband and I packed on some extra pounds. You do not have to worry about him running tired because Prime have electronic logs which means after he clock his 14 hrs he must go into his sleeper berth for 10 hrs,so you do not have to worry about him running tired n illegal... feel free to ask me anything I have been out there for years and I know the good the bad n the ugly...

Thank you so much for the feedback. We really haven't heard anything bad about Prime until now thatKs why we chose it. Where do you think the best place for him to go would be? The struggle is that he doesn't have his CDL, so he needs to go somewhere they will train him and get him his liscense. We don't have a lot of money for him to be without a job for too long.