Truckers Wife

Well I can relate to you trucker wives in may ways but yet my life is different. Some of you may think its better than yours and other may think I am crazy.  

I will just start at the beginning. My husband and I met in High School and about two years ago got back together and decided to get married. We got engaged and Married all within about sixty days. Talk about a stressful few moths. So we got married September tenth last year. when I Married my husband he was already a truck driver. [this is the part where you all my think I have an easy life or I'm just crazy] He works for a company that he leave home every night and is back the next day but sadly he sleeps the whole time he is home until he leave that night. So really its like he's not even there. I live my life just like you all. I eat dinners by myself, watch tv by myself, and so on.. shortly after we got married we found out [Jan. sixth] that we were expecting our first baby. At that current time we where living in a crowded little two bedroom apartment so we started looking for a house to raise our child in. well we found on and on march twentieth we signed papers on that so then my family and I packed up the apartment so that we could move into the house. Once we got into the house my family and I did a lot of the unpacking. Then on April twenty-fourth [my Birthday] we found out that we are having a baby girl! He is so excited to have a baby girl. Little Miss. Mackenzie will be here by September ninth. [almost one year from our wedding last year.] I have been planing for her arrival and working my last month at work before I become a stay at home mom. 

We are still working on how to be married, being a truckers wife/ trucker with a wife at home, and normal life situations.. how do you all do it? I'm pretty independent and my husband wants to do everything for me.. 


Butterflies11 Butterflies11
18-21, F
May 16, 2012