Feeling Down

I was so proud of myself. I have done so much better dealing with everything this week. I started to feel like, "hey I can do this". I was starting to get confidence in my strength. But, today has been hard. For starters the HR rep didn't get my husband's direct dep stuff in correctly (surprise...not) and his pay was not in our bank acct yesterday. He contacted them and they put it on some card or something that he doesn't even have yet, so they gave him an advance off next weeks pay and he was supposed to deposit it. He hasn't. I'm sure he is working, but meanwhile, I have a check out to our car insurance (I HAD to pay or they would cancel us), I have only 11 dollars cash to take care of our 5 kids and the "buy gas now" light is on in the car. Now, they are telling him he won't be back til Sun and they want him to leave again the next day. WTF? I am so stressed right now I could puke. On top of all this, I had a job interview today that went ok enough that I got the job, but I didn't bring some documents that I guess I was somehow supposed to just know to bring, so I have to find a sitter and drive back there (60miles round trip), just to bring it in before they will officially hire me. I am sorry to vent, but I am feeling soooo overwhelmed.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Obama care will surely swoop out of nowhere to help you with that!!! lol Lamfo!!!!

That sounds like me most of the time. I hope things smooth out for you, sometimes they do. Good luck!