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Just wanted to say hi to everyone....I am new here so I am learning the ropes of this site!!! I dont have much of a story to tell....I am a very proud truckers wife...i have been a truckers wife for 15 yrs....I am a very proud mother of 5 children. I have been marreid for 17 yrs.....but hey i just wanted to give a shout out to everyone......have a good day!

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How do you handle parenting while hubby is OTR? We have 2 girls that are 2 and 1 who are having a hard time with this transition from Local to OTR. He has only been OTR for 1 1/2 weeks, he should be coming home soon, but I know from previous experience (before we had kids) that he may not get to come home when they say he will. Earlier today the 2 year old spent 2 /12 hrs crying that she wanted Daddy. When she calmed down I let her call him. But any advice is appreciated!