New Trucker Wife.

When I met my now husband, he was a local trucker.  I could handle the long hours a day,  Heck, I work 10 plus hours a day myself.  Right after we we became engaged we talked it over and did the numbers to find it out it was better if he went back over the road.  Well I didn't think it would be as hard as it is.  I have friends and family in the Military and I have dated some guys in the Army.  But the first time when he was gone a month long to get his new truck from being local.  I felt so empty and alone at the same time.  I did all the planning alone, besides the tux for the wedding, I let him pick the color.  We live in Metro Detroit, MI.  I work for a road side service company, full time.  I do have Internet at work and home, so that helps, he has a wireless card and we talk all the time online and on the cell phone.  All I can say is thank goodness for mobile to mobile.  I just having an empty home because he isn't home.  I love him and I do scrap book to keep me busy.  He also got me a Wii for Christmas so I have that too.  We have been married just over four months.  Married Oct 10, 2009.  Any question on us let me know and I will answer the best I can.

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I pity you. I never had to suffer such long absences. The longest was just a week and now hubs works for a company where the longest is three days, so we see each other in the middle of the week and on the weekends.<br />
Of course we hold contact with mobile phone and for christmas I gave him a laptop and now I can see him on skype.