my husband just got his cdl. he will be leaving come march 2nd, I feel like iam having fits inside myself, iam scared.I feel like the marriage will fall apart. we've only been married for 4 years, never been seperated. I have a lot of doubts.Iam fighting with him alot. i dont want  to but i get kind of nutty when i think about the stories i've heard.Of course they involve other women.Thank for listening.

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Me & my husband just got married 3 months ago. He's been a truck driver for 6 years now. I know it's really hard. But communication is key. We never go a day without talking to each other. Whether if it's just for a few minutes or a couple hours. And trust is another big one. If he's gone 4 years without breaking your trust in him, then he wouldn't do anything on the road. Truck drivers hardly have any time to stop & get a booty call. Let alone, eat, go to the bathroom, sleep, etc; He won't hardly have the time or the energy to be hooking up with anyone even if it was on his mind. But breaking communication, and doubting him will ruin a marriage. Not you two being away from each other.

I have a husband that is a trucker and I have also been a driver too. I have seen both sides of the fence and I know that it is not easy. A few things that I can suggest are:<br />
<br />
1) Communicate with him. Let him know you love and miss him as well as how you are doing. Be positive though so he will not worry while he is out there. <br />
2) If you don't know about the trucking business, read up on it. Learn what the terms they use are and show him what you know. It shows him that you are interested in what he is doing and he will appreciate it.<br />
3) Don't worry about the women at the truck stops. ( Lot lizards ) Why worry if there is no reason to? Trust him as hard as it may be. If that trust is broken, that is when a solution needs to be found but until then, be happy. <br />
4) Find friends to lean on. This could be a pen pal type of friend or it could be someone local that you can share stories with. Support groups would be nice but I do not see any in my local area so I am reaching out online. <br />
<br />
Hope some of this will help.

Scared, I understand your concerns but me and boyfriend have been together for 5 going on 6 years together and I trust him whole heartly. What you have to remember that any one night stand with some other woman isn't worth loosing what he has with you. Remember everything he is doing is for the both of you. <br />
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Best of luck,<br />

I was a truckers wife for the last 10 years...pretty much through our whole marriage up until this February. Some words of advise is communication, communication, communication! And you have to be able to trust him. I know it is scary. good luck to the both of you :)