Hell If I Remember Everything...

Lemme see, my mother's side had some native, but were otherwise from the recesses of the bayou (but NOT French, it's just where they ended up), and I know little of it other than that.

My dad's side came from the hills of Tennessee from many generations ago, and it's always been family lore that Frank and Jesse James came around the area that my dad's farm now inhabits before they went up to Nashville to hide out in 1876. My dad also still insists that John Wesley Hardin is a near-descendant of our family from way back (I carry that family surname), which I find dubious due to tracing family back to a generation before John Wesley with no obvious attachment.

Anyways yea it goes back so many generations and been so diluted, I know I have some Native from both sides, some Dutch, some Norweigan, and at least two or three other European ancestries...I'd say that's a mutt.

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I guess that would make for some wonderful hybrid vigor.

Welcome.....Even pure bred Americans are Mutts like us.....<br />
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heheheh...That is what makes America Great...Us Mutts