True to the Core!

I have no idea how to NOT be a true friend, honestly. Either I'm a true friend or not a friend at all. I know that is an extreme, but that's me sometimes, I'm either one or the other. =p

I don't take the title of friendship lightly! When I am a friend to someone, I am one ALL THE WAY, and for life! Unless, of course, the other person turns out to not be my friend. I have had many fake-friends in my past. And online, it seems many people will be fake and pretend to be someones friend... especially in web-communities... even this one! I see no point in doing that... a friend is a friend, no matter if they're online or offline. :-/

But on a happier note, I am a true friend to many people. Especially the ones who are my true friends back! Like my pal Momo! And Raining and Rosco are awesome! And I consider many in my circle as possible true friends too! And by default, I will be a true friend to them all. And I don't mean that in a bad way! I simply mean that every person I cross paths with, I'm automatically am true. For me, being a true friend is like breathing! Not really a big deal, as that anyone can do this... But, it's a big deal to have true friendships in one life. :-D

The only way to gain and keep true friendships is to be one as well. Only love attracts love, you know? ;-)

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I will not say I am a true friend, Just like I will not say I am a good man, good christain, or a good anything. To Me if you say that then your holding it up kinda like bragging rights. I let my actions speak for me. I usually will never say I am a good anything. If my actions show it the people will know it

I completely agree with you because I'm the same way. Either I am friends with someone, or not at all. When I'm friends with someone, I care about them completely. I help them whenever I can and I don't think of it as a mathematical formulation of how much I should get for what I receive. <br />
<br />
But if I see someone using me, I slowly pull away and end the friendship. There's no use pretending when it just doesn't work out.