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I have recently learned about both gendered ppl. They are ppl an didn't choose to be the way they, like transgendered ppl can. I think it's kinda neat how versatile they can be... You can see it as being cursed but at the same time blessed. I'm a straight woman but if I wasn't I'd rather be with a both gendered person... One reason being I couldn't just, have intimate encounters with same sex person. I like more parts to much, so being with a both gendered ppl you can be pleasures by both... I've had a few losers in my time an tired of it. I've been by choice single for bout a year now, I want a long term relationship... an not sexually active. And when I first come across both gendered ppl site. A light bulb went off in my head, that I should give it a shot. To find, meet, get to know one., and possibly see if it could work as a new route to take.... If any both gendered ppl interested ages 25-35 I'm 29 name Lil Miss Curious.... Respond back. Thx:)

I would love to meet a women hermaprhodite im a lesbian women but it wouldnt be a problem for me I think its sexy

Im a true hermaphrodite too.....and im a pornstar....and im gorgeous

Im the best looking hermaphrodite should see my movies....i would link them to you

i would love 4 you 2 send me the links 2 your movies thanks so much..patrick

I would love it if you link me the videos

Im a true hermaphrodite too.....and im a pornstar....and im gorgeous

i would like to meet a heramphrodite, with both male and female sexs ,i think its great they have both sex's (vagina and a penius) i would like too meet one ,and get to know one

I would love to meet and date a heramphrodite woman,I don`t think you`re weird .Your a real person that`s a little different that`s all.

i loved one and married her a long time ago

where are you located?

hello <br />
they are special people , i love them

it would be wonderful to date a hermaphrodite women

Hay I am and it s been a bidding game for me I hide among all of you as a man so u tell me that I would to be fem what do I do ?

dress as a woman,grow your hair out ,get your nails done,a makeover.Learn how to act as a woman~~see she is a real help for women and T girls and really help you to change and be the woman you want to be.I found her to be very heplfull.

Stupid actually