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Im Just A Man

I think its precious to be who you are. Im an ordinary man. I would be honored to be in a loving relationship with person born with both male and female parts. Not because im weird or goofy. I sincerely do think its beautiful. I like both sexes, but could never love a man in a man's body so to speak. However a beautiful woman I could. Im just notation all interested in transgender male to female. Just not my thing. But if I went on a date with a woman and she was born with both male and female genitals? I'd propose to her . That would make me feel where I belong in a relationship and of course if she's comfortable with a manly man who likes making love both ways so to speak. You're all precious in my eyes . A special gift indeed.
Timman1 Timman1 41-45, M May 31, 2012

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