We Do Exist

People say that true hermaphroditism does not exist in humans; I can tell you for definite that it does. It's true that you cannot have a fully functional and complete set of both genitals together, but I was born with one ovary and one testicle, and that makes me a hermaphrodite.

When I was born, the doctor & midwife couldn't decide if I was a boy or a girl. My genitals were sort of partway inbetween, neither one nor the other. My mother was advised to put me through surgery to make it all look female, and raise me as a girl.

But my mother was smart and forward-thinking (she was a hippie, and a bit of an anarchist,which probably helped). She asked the doctor this. "If you make her a girl, then later he grows up and decides that he's a boy, is the surgery reversible?" The doctor said no. So she told them to leave me alone until I was sure what gender I was.

So my birth certificate said "Gender Unknown", I was given a unisex name and for the first two years of my life I was raised more or less without gender at all. I had numerous tests, most of which were still inconclusive. I had one internal testicle and one ovary, I had hypospadias, which means that my penis was very small and the urethra was at the base rather than the tip. My scrotum, which had nothing inside it, was divided and rather than being behind my penis, was further forward, half on each side. Other than the ovary I had no other internal female organs.

By the time I was old enough to run about and play, it was fairly apparent that I was a typical boy, so at the age of about 4 I had surgery on my genitals to make it look more like a boy's, to re-position my scrotum and extend the urethra to the correct position. The rogue ovary was removed.

Puberty was an anxious time because there was no guarantee that my single testicle would produce enough testosterone. I was a late developer but my voice did start to drop at roundabout the age of 16. However there wasn't enough testosterone so I had to take tablets for that. (many years later it was discovered that oral testosterone is dangerous as it can damage the liver - fortunately I escaped that particular problem).

When I finished puberty at about 21 I had further genital surgery, because everything had grown, and I had my first set of testicular implants - over the years those have been replaced a few times as better and safer materials have been found. I still need extra testosterone, which I now have as an injection four times a year.

Throughout my adult life I have been fighting a legal and bureaucratic battle to get the gender on my birth certificate changed to male. This was finally made possible by a change in the law in 2005, and it was corrected that same year, just before by 40th birthday.

Sometimes I wonder what might have happened if I had been raised as a girl, as the doctor at my birth had suggested. Would I have been happy? Or would I have realised that I was a boy inside, and wanted to change back? I am incredibly lucky that my mum was as strong-willed as she is; it's entirely because of her determination and her refusal to back down, that I am the man I am today.

Thanks, mum.
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why do the experts say this is not possible..just fake for **** films

Thank you for sharing you're experience science proves everyone is unique in my opinion I think humans should be able to choose what sex we want to become...

This person, if he/she is real did not say whether he had a uterus. This person is no true hermaphrodite. Why would they need implants? Nothing was functional either way. This person cannot impregnate nor get pregnant.

"Other than the ovary I had no other internal female organs." He stated this.
Until you walk a mile in their shoes you have no place to pass judgement.

The number of intersexed births seams to be on the rise and there are more 'true' hermaphrodites. At least one with both genitalia fully developed (though only one fully functional). With the fact children being born with triple and quadruple helixes, it makes me think humans are going through and evolutional phase. Who knows how we could turn out. Maybe we will all be herms, can't say much on the exstra strands of DNA though as all those poor poor kids only had it on parts of or single cromasones ..... They are not well, particularly the poor kid with a full strand of quadruple DNA it's a mirical or modern Medicine they are able to keep him alive with all the deseases he has u.u

I think that it might be a possibility to have both male and female parts fully functional that means two testes, scrotum,penis the other stuff associated with the male reproductive system and have ovaries,fallopian tubes, uterus,cervix and a vagina, because I read somewhere on the internet that a boy had to go to the hospital Cruz he was sick and the doctors found out he had a fully functional male reproductive system and a fully functional female reproductive system minus the vagina of course but the rest of the female reproductive system worked so since there was no exit for the discharge it was reabsorbed by his/her body

I'm glad you mom waited to you were older & found out what sex you decided to be instead of what the Dr. suggested !! God bless you & guide your path through the rest of your journey on this earth !! Love your friend Carl !

I'm happy that you're mom was a hippie. Lol. The good thing is your who you were soppose to be.

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you are a great example to other's and mother to

That was an amazing story,thank you for sharing it x

You had a very wise mother. I don't understand why it is so important to make this decision at birth. If it does not impact the health of the child, why not wait and see what the child wants, even if it takes into adulthood. I can understand the problems a child may have at school. However, I wonder if the classmates were told the truth about the situation and that you were blessed with the opportunity to choose to be a man or a woman and you are trying both ways just to see which is best for you. Certainly a child might be a curiosity but, I think if the classmates were given the information the proper way they might be very supportive. I don't know anything about this. I don't have children and never liked being a child, but I would think that for anyone intersexed it would be shameful for a parent or a doctor to make the decision for the child before the child has time time and the information to at least take a part in the decision. Again, if the health of the child is not in danger, why rush this process?

it apparently does work out sometimes, i am heppy it worked out for you, but it seems they do what they hope is best. i am not sure i qualify as a hermaphrodite, but a doctor, advised my mom, when i was born, that they i had a tiny penis, it was attached tothe top of what was to be scrotal area. it was severed,. i had 6 operations on my genital area for the next 10 years, i was given shots each week for most of the years. about puberty, i was put on teatoserone pills, and have taken them most of my life. Sad part for me is i hate being male, everything about it, i hate the way it makes me feel when i take the testoserone. i quit taking testosterone a lot, , but usually take them. i quess i am writing this to tell you , that you are lucky, your mom saved you from a lifetime of misery.your mom was a strong woman, back then the normal thing to do was what they did to me, they picked for you. I have to find peace just living my life as a woman, wondering why me?

I'm sorry it didn't work out so well for you.

I can't imagine not being able to have the choice such as you did. I wonder how often parents decide at birth? Of course, if you didn't identify with your sex appropriately, and the roles that go along with sexual identity, you would most likely not have been happy. congrats on having a good mother and being able to live your life as you are.

Thanks. I was very unusual and very lucky, nearly _everyone_ at that time with my condition was raised as a girl. I'm pretty sure that if I had bee, I would have wanted a sex-change later in life.