I Want To Be A Hermaphrodite

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to say that I wish I was a hermaphroditebecause I want to experience sex as a man and as a woman. I am a 16 year old boy and I want to be a woman but been a hermaphroditewould be an amazing experience. I would love it if I were to wake up and discover I had a vagina and boobs but also a penis. Imagine the pleasure of ************. I would think of it as a gift. The fact that you had been given both rather than one- you are all so special and I really envy every single one of you.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

No, you don't want to be one too. I live as a hermaphrodite and so does my girlfriend. She was also born one too. And we can tell you that we don't wish it on anyone. It was amazing that me an her found each other. But we will never have kids of our own and we won't get that experience. Our reproductive systems won't work to produce kids. My parents decided to make me live as a man, and her parents made her live as a girl. Now we do have great sex tho... that is a plus for us.

That sounds fantastic though. If you both have male and female genitals you can surely bond closer.

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