Bosia-I Am a Hermaphrodite

E pistemology or knowledge

I am a male with good image and a healthy, but, we have thought, and my thought is , I am a female, or I am in love with woman and penetrate to she but, I got sentiment a feel of woman in my love.

I the begenning, we are everyone the woman, and we should be a female or male, but Im male and female.

I have not open ***** outside and testes, but I got inside and I feel that.

I love a hermaphrodite and a woman ladys, beautiful ladys hermaphrodite and a woman.

Im so happy about that.

If you are a beautiful hermaphrodite too, or beautiful woman, please send to my e-mail     a message , and you should be happy too in communication with me.

Im 48 years, about 100kg, and 183cm, with diploma from university in Europe.

Please write to me, because I love you.

Have a nice day





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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

add me..

hello. can we meet?

I am a headeral sexual Man who is looking for a hermorphrodite female. i find it fascinating that a woman can have both male & female organs. if a female hermorphrodite read this thread. i am in the state of North Carolina & my email address is peace

I'm not a "female hermaphrodite" - the term itself is inaccurate. A hermaphrodite is both, not either/or. So get used to it. A guy or a girl - in public appearance - might be hermaphrodite, but in loving feeling desire both men & women, Like me. I will screw or be screwed by either one, happily, lick vagina or suck penis equally happily. But I'm not just bi - I'm hermaphrodite. I used to have both kinds of organs, one vanished, but the desire for both remains. Show me either one, and I melt wih love for it! Can you nadle that?